For years, Opus One has been the one wine that has truly stood out in the Napa Valley. Its restrained, yet present fruit and pronounced earthiness disclose neither a true California Cabernet blend nor a direct descendant of its Bordeaux ancestors. Rather, it is a faithful integration of the partnership between Robert Mondavi, the infamous, progressive Napa Valley winemaker, and the late Baron Philippe de Rothschild from Chteau Mouton-Rothschild in Pauillac, France.

Like many mixed breeds, Opus One tends to not fit in anywhere. It is too earthy for typical California styles and too fruity for a Bordeaux. Opus is a class act of its own.

Opus One--Vintage 1993
Napa Valley
"Good colour, still a rim of purple; beautiful, good depth, complete- a most attracive wine, spicy with a powerful finish. Needs time. At the Opus One masterclass at Christie's, Dec 1997 **(***) 2003-2012" MB, Vintage Wine

1 dozen bottles per lot

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