Octopussy, 1983
A circular wooden display sign Octopussy's International Circus The Greatest Show On Earth, the printed colour design mounted on wood -- 24in. (61cm.) diam. -- made for the 1983 United Artists/Eon Production Octopussy; accompanied by an Eon Productions "Octopussy" Unit Member pass, number 208 -- 3x2in. (9.5x6.3cm.), a black and white photocopy of a photograph of Roger Moore and the original vendor on the set of Octopussy; and a letter from the original vendor regarding the provenance (3)

Lot Essay

An identical sign can be seen during the fight sequence in the Circus railway carriage between James Bond [Roger Moore] and Mischka [David Meyer], one of the knife-throwing twins from the Circus.
According to the vendor, who was a Security Specialist with the U.S. Air Force, stationed at RAF Upper Heyford during the period of time in which the base was used as a shooting location for Octopussy, he...was appointed as one of the security escorts for the film crew. I was usually assigned to Mr. Roger Moore...
On completion of filming, the original owner was given the sign as a memento by the prop department.

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