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Nikon SP outfit
comprising a black-dial Nikon SP camera no. 6219754 with a Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-S·C f/1.4 5cm. lens no. 331997, in maker's leather ever ready case; a W-Nikkor·C f/3.5 2.8cm. lens no. 714775; a W-Nikkor·C f/3.5 3.5cm. lens no. 432670; a Nikkor-P·C f/2 8.5cm. lens no. 400162 and lenshood in case; a Nikkor-P f/2.5 10.5cm. lens no. 920925 in maker's case; a Nikkor-Q·C f/3.5 13.5cm. lens no. 261760 in maker's case; a Nippon Kogaku exposure meter no. 958573 in case and booster unit in case; a Nippon Kogaku varifocal finder in case; Tydings Nikon Guide
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Condition: 3/4F
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