Taylor--Vintage 1963
Berry Bros & Rudd-bottled. Damaged foil capsules. Eight labels creased and damaged, four with no labels. Levels ten into neck and two base of neck. In carton
Tasting Note: Strangely, tasting this shortly after bottling in 1965 I noted it as being 'full, soft, forward'; then, later, fine but raw and unready during the late 1960s to early 1980s when it gained stature in my eyes. One, Oporto-bottled in 1966 and tasted in 1979, had already lost its youthful depth and the same bottling, noted in 1990, had also lost a lot of colour, retaining very little red though lively on the palate. Dining at Saddlers' Hall in London in 1994, I noted it as lovely. It was certainly the best wine at the Saintsbury Club dinner in October 1996: 'perfect weight and flavour' (strangely delicious with the club's traditional Cox's Orange Pippin apples and wholemeal biscuits, perhaps less bizarre than the Americans' obsession with serving port with chocolate puddings!). Most recently, I noted a red-brown tawny; bouquet opening up beautifully; good flavour. And of course, it had the customary Taylor backbone. Last tasted in Miami, March 1998 ***** Now - 2020 M.B.
12 bottles per lot

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