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Indiana Jones
A hand-made twelve-plait 450 series 6 ft. bull-whip of kangaroo hide, created by whipmaker David Morgan and used by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in the Paramount Pictures/Lucasfilm trilogy Raiders Of The Lost Ark, 1981, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, 1984 and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, 1989; accompanied by a Movie Action For Children auction catalogue (2)
Movie Action for Children, Sotheby's, New York, 6 March 2001
McKenzie, Alan The Harrison Ford Story, Zomba Books, 1986, p.61
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This whip was donated by Steven Spielberg to the Unicef charity auction Movie Action for Children in 2001, where it was sold for £68,000.
The construction of the whip suggests it was made for the second film Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, though many of the whips made for the second film later saw use in the third, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. Whipmaker David Morgan supplied over 30 bullwhips for the first three Indiana Jones films ranging in length from 6 to 16 ft. The standard length carried by Ford in the films was the No. 455 10 ft. bullwhip, while other lengths were used in special stunts.

Indiana Jones' bull-whip played a significant role in these films. In the first episode Raiders Of The Lost Ark we saw the hero's whip before we saw his face. In all three films the whip -- wielded by Jones to great effect, saved his life on several occasions and became the adventurous professor's trademark. Harrison Ford, fresh from the Star Wars adventures, wanted to avoid any elements in the role that might be similar to Hans Solo role, and comparing the two characters Ford said, ...unlike Solo Jones did not have any fancy gadgetry to hand ...he's right out there with just his battered trilby and a bull-whip to keep the world at bay...

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