Autograph manuscript and typescript, with autograph revisions and additions, comprising draft lyrics for the song "I Wanna Be Your Lover," here titled "Midnight Suit." First recorded New York, Columbia Studio A, 5-6 October 1965, later released on Biograph, 1985. Four pages on two sheets, 4to (11 x 8.5 inches), comprising three pages autograph and one page typed, a few pale stains. CONTAINING SOME 250 WORDS IN DYLAN'S HAND.

The first page includes different versions of the third verse, with some lines from the final, released version. Another lyric sheet in Dylan's hand works out ideas for the first and second verse, again with some lines included in the fnal recorded version. One phrase appears in the final version of"Absolutely Sweet Marie."

The third and final song that Dylan brought to the studio on October 5-6 (like the two previous) was unfinished when he arrived. Interestingly, Dylan writes the line "subterranean homesick blues" twice on the third page of the present manuscript, and can be seen developing the germs of the final lyric that seems to have come together cohesively in the studio where he came up with the parody of a Beatlesesque chorus (the title is a play on The Beatles "I Wanna Be Your Man"). The remarkable cast of characters is already seen in this early version: Jumping Judy, Rasputin, the rainman, Phaedra. Dylan told Cameron Crowe in 1985, "I always thought it was a good song, but it just never made it onto an album." See Heylin, Revolution in the Air, no. 161.

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