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Three Inro
Three Inro


Three Inro
Edo period (17th - 18th century)
The first three-case, decorated in sabiji, sabiage-takamaki-e, hirame and nashiji and inlaid in shell, with rockwork and pine trees amongst cresting waves, dense nashiji interiors, fundame rims; the second three-case decorated with the landscape of Lake Biwa, dense nashiji interiors, fundame rims; the third four-case, decorated in gold hiramaki-e, takamaki-e, okibirame and nashiji and inlaid in silver with bundles of brushwood, the reverse with a jakago amongst a stream, dense nashiji interiors, fundame rims
5.6cm., 4.8cm. and 7.5cm. high
The first, Tomkinson collection No. 404
The second, Tomkinson collection No.1
The third, W. L. Behrens
The first, Edward Gilbertson and others, A Japanese Collection Made by Michael Tomkinson (London, 1898), No. 1828
The third, Henri L. Joly, W. L. Behrens Collection Part II. Lacquer and Inro (London, 1912) , pl. XLI, No. 840

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