An Enju School katana
An Enju School katana


An Enju School katana
Nanbokucho period (14th century), attributed to Enju
Sugata [configuration]: honzukuri, iori-mune with extended kissaki and toriizori curvature
Kitae [forging pattern]: ko-itame, mokume
Hamon [tempering pattern]: chu-suguha with gunome of ko-nie and sunagashi
Boshi [tip]: ko-maru
Horimono [carving]: bohi on both sides
Nakago [tang]: shortened with one hole, kiri file marks
Habaki [collar]: silver
Nagasa [length from tip to beginning of tang]: 77.3cm.
Motohaba [width at start of tempered edge]: 3.3cm.
Sakihaba [width before tip]: 2.4cm

Koshirae [set of mounts]: comprising an aogai saya fitted with matching Owari-school kojiri and fuchi-kashira in shakudo and gold, carved with chrysanthemums; a pair of menuki in shakudo and gold, formed as three crabs; an iron Heianjo tsuba pierced with family crests around the outside and inlaid with flower heads in brass; 104.5cm. long (2)
Previously sold in these Rooms, 29 March 2005, lot 91

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