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Wang Keju (b.1956)
Tung Tree Blossoms in April
signed in Chinese; dated '2012' (lower right)
oil on canvas
160 x 140 cm. (63 x 55 1/8 in.)
Painted in 2012
Private Collection, Asia
WANG KEJU , Zhejiang Art Museum and Renmin University of China, Beijing, China (illustrated, p.181)

Lot Essay

Tung Trees Blossom in April (Lot 52) portrays the artist's idea of painting when he decided to paint this artwork on a piece of canvas using oil. The artwork depicts a beautiful scenario occurring when flower buds open up into full flowers. Blossoming normally occurs in April and the presence of beautiful flowers signifies the change in weather patterns. Wang Keju utilises the idea of blossoming flowers to express the cultural and mythological symbolic importance associated with this stage of growth. The artwork represents a real life phenomenon that occurs on an annual basis. Wang utilises a combination of colours and texture with a resultant effect that represents the element of maturing or coming into age. The artwork is symmetrical with the tree stem appearing in the middle of the painting. Wang applies different colours to accentuate different parts of the tree. Employing shapes, lines, patterns and colours that enable the artist to differentiate the branches, leaves and flowers. To connect to the real world effectively, he selects colours that depict real life objects. Brown colour represents the stem and branches; green stands for the leaves while white and purple represent the blossoming flowers. Purple colour portrays the flower outlines indicates a transition from the considerably gloomy winter season to the spring season characterised by spells of sunshine and good weather. The blossoming of flowers indicates a plant is almost bearing fruits, and the presence of flowers in spring also indicates a change of weather from that the cold winter season to more sunshine associated with brightness.

Born in 1956, QingDao, China, Wang Keju graduated form Shandong Academy of Fine Arts in 1983, and became employed as the head of Painting Dept at Xu Beihong School of Arts, Renmin University of China. He is member of National Artists Association. He has held numerous Solo exhibitions at galleries and museums include: Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China, (2004); National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China (2007) ; Pyo Gallery, Seoul, South Korea (2008) , and Beijing Times Art Museum, China (2009). Major group exhibitions of the artist include: Third Art Biennale, Beijing, China (2008), and Fine Art Fair, Beijing, China (2010). His works are also included in public collections such as The National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Art Museum, Chinese Contemporary Art Museum, and Beijing International Exhibition Centre. @

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