Lan Zhenghui (b.1959)
D Series No. 20
two seals of the artist
ink on paper
97 x 123 cm. (38 1/4 x 48 3/8 in.)
Painted in 2012
Beijing, China, ESSE Space, Ink Logic--25 Artists & 25 Expressions, June 16 - July 7 2013

Lot Essay

From creative conceptualization, workmanship to medium, everything about Lan Zhenghui's large ink paintings is defined by a strong contemporary mood. Blueprinted on Expressionism, Lan translates linear presentations of 'handwriting' in traditional ink paintings with large blocks and planes in D Series No. 20. Wielding his self-built gigantic brush, the tip of whish saturated with ink, Lan sweeps his canvas with freestyle, bold brushwork. The result is exceedingly sublime.

D Series No. 20 is a replica of a violent downpour. Ink of biblical proportions pours downward on a slight angle from the upper left. The skies are on a verge of crashing down with this monstrous deluge. There is no other lineation more powerful than rain, and Lan kicks that strength into full gear with ink. Ink thickness, white spaces, and grey shades are stuck in a Mexican standoff. The strength and allure of ink receive the attention it deserves in Lan's hands-down work of art.

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