Château d’Yquem is unquestionably the finest sweet wine producer from Bordeaux, its reputation and quality highlighted by the fact that it was classified as the top ranking Château as a Premier Cru Supérieur in the 1855 classification and this remains indisputable today. Yquem remains the gold-standard for Sauternes and Barsac and the sheer complexity, richness and longevity of its wines continues to delight and enthuse wine aficionados the world over.

In 1593, the Sauvage family acquired the property and in 1785 Francoise Joséphine de Sauvage d’Yquem married Comte Louis Amédée de Lur-Saluces. From that point the Lur-Saluces ran the estate. In 1966, Alexandre de Lur-Saluces took over managing the estate and worked for over 35 years driving improvements in both the vineyards and winery. In 1999, LVMH became main shareholders of the estate and since 2004 Pierre Lurton has been the general manager.


On October 14, 2004 Wine Spectator’s Peter D. Meltzer reported the lofty achievement this very same 1847 Yquem declaring it the “most expensive bottle of wine ever auctioned in the United States and the highest price ever realized for a bottle of white wine worldwide.” On the day that this bottle sold I was standing in the auction room at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and can testify to the electrifying atmosphere leading to Fritz Hatton’s gavel coming down. History was being written before everyone in attendance. At the end of several rounds of competitive bidding the room broke out into spontaneous applause. A new world record was set.

Vintage 1847

Declared ***** by Michael Broadbent, MW

“Unquestionably the greatest-ever Sauternes vintage. Sauternes was well-liked by the Polish and Roman courts and aristocracy, and it was this wine that smashed all records when, in 1859, the Grand Duke Constantine, the brother of the Tsar, paid 20,000 francs for a 900-litre tun of the 1847 Yquem.”

“Picking commenced 25 September. Tasted on eight occasions. Three times in April and once in September 1986, all amazingly good, wines with astonishing power and concentration.” – Michael Broadbent’s Vintage Wine, 2002

– Scott Torrence, Vice President, Senior Wine Specialist
Château d'Yquem 1847
Sauternes, 1er grand cru classé
Level: top shoulder; modern capsule, "rebouché en 1994" on cork, depressed cork, slightly nicked and lightly bin soiled, modern label

1 bottle per lot
Sherry LehmannSotheby's, New York, November 20, 1999, lot 1606
Zachys, Los Angeles October 8, 2004, lot 1224

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