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Old Verdelho Mid-Nineteenth Century
Some evaporation, believed between 4 and 5 gallons, no info on demi-john.
"Deeper orange color with yellow rim. This could be an indication of a sweeter wine, the sugars have caramelized during the aging.
Sweet fairly intense nose, uplifting expressive aromas. Perfumed with hints of rose petals, dried apricots, caramel, leather and tobacco. An attractive nose with nice depth and multi layered complexity.
Fine start of taste, medium dry with plenty of fresh acidity to balance the pure grapefruit and waxy aromas. Well cask aged. Serious wine.
Long aftertaste is a sign of high quality with nice cedar wood aroma. The salty tone makes me think that this was from the same area as the 1846 Sercial. Could also be from the same period, so mid-nineteenth century. Very good, well balanced." -EV
1 five-gallon demi john per lot

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