Leica IIIg outfit
comprising a Leica IIIg no. 888542 with a Leitz Summicron 5cm. f/2 lens no. 1376160, in maker's ever ready case, a Leitz Leitz Summaron 2.8cm. f/5.6 lens no. 1501807 in keeper, a Leitz Elmar f/4 90mm. lens no. 1712617, a Leitz Hektor 13.5cm. f/4.5 lens no. 539224, a chrome 13.5cm. SHOOC finder, SLOOZ finder in box, an ADVOO in case, IROOA and SOOBK lenshoods in maker's box, a Visoflex II in maker's box, an OTXBO in maker's box, a grey bellows unit in maker's box, a 16557Q bellows unit in maker's box, a FEDOO and other filters, in two cases(a lot)
Further details
Condition: 3/4FSee illustration

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