SHEN ZHOU (1427-1509) / WEN ZHENGMING (1470-1559)
Tour in Zhixing Mountains: Landscape and Calligraphy by Shen Zhou and Wen ZhengmingAccording to the Chronicle of Shen Zhou, during the fourth year of the Hongzhi reign (1491), the 65-year-old Shen Zhou toured in the Zhixing Mountains. With reference to the inscriptions by Wen Zhengming on Landscape and Calligraphy, Wen, then 22, accompanied Shen during the tour in the capacity of a student. While it was further documented in the Chronicle of Shen Zhou that Wen was learning painting from Shen in the ninth year of the Hongzhi reign (1496), his inscriptions on Landscape and Calligraphy testified that he was already a student of Shen Zhou in 1491, or possibly earlier. Decades later, the 86-year-old Wen Zhengming reminisced about the execution of this painting by his teacher and how Shen Zhou’s original poetic inscription had been removed. As such, he added the now-lost poem and his account of the creation of this work.Landscape and Calligraphy once belonged to Shen Shixing (1535–1614), a Grand Secretariat of the Ming dynasty. Later it entered the collection of Shen Deqian (1866–1934), an Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Rites during the early Qing. Luo Zhenyu (1866–1940) owned it for a time until he sold it in 1912 to the Iida family (who founded the department store chain Takashimaya). Consequently, the handscroll embodies inscriptions by Luo Zhenyu, Naito Konan (1866-1934), and Nagao Uzan (1864–1942).The Iida family acquired a significant amount of Chinese paintings and calligraphy with the assistance from Luo Zhenyu, Naito Konan, and others. Landscape and Calligraphy underwent physical changes and journeyed from China to Japan, continues to evoke emotions and inspire contemplations from all who study it. PREVIOUSLY IN THE IIDA FAMILY (TAKASHIMAYA) COLLECTION
SHEN ZHOU (1427-1509) / WEN ZHENGMING (1470-1559)

Landscape and Calligraphy

SHEN ZHOU (1427-1509) / WEN ZHENGMING (1470-1559)
Landscape and Calligraphy

Handscroll, ink and colour/ink on paper
Painting measures 29 x 193.5 cm. (11 3/8 x 76 1/8 in.)
Calligraphy measures 28.7 x 154.5 cm. (11 1/8 x 60 7/8 in.)
Painting with one seal of Shen Zhou
Calligraphy inscribed and signed by Wen Zhengming, dated fourth month, yimao year of the Jiazheng period (1555), with five seals of the artist
Six collector’s seals, including two of Shen Deqian (1673-1769), one of Xie Songzhou (18th-19th Century) and two of Luo Zhenyu (1866-1940)
Colophons by Shen Deqian, Luo Zhenyu, Naito Torajiro (1866-1934) and Nagao Uzan (1864-1942), with a total of eight seals
Frontispiece by Cheng Yingkui (17th Century), with three seals and dedicated to Yao Weng
Titleslip by Luo Zhenyu, with one seal
Inscriptions on the cover of the wooden box by Naito Torajiro, with one seal
Luo Zhenyu collection.
Iida Family (Takashimaya) collection.
No.125 Shibunkaku Special Catalogue on Chinese Paintings, Shibunkaku, Kyoto, 1982, p.62, pl. 123.

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