Hendrik Theyanoguin
Elizabeth Bakewell, 1755
[THEYANOGUIN, Hendrick (1692-1755). The brave old Hendrick the great Sachem or Chief of the Mohawk Indians. One of the Six Nations now in Alliance with & Subject to the King of Great Britain. London: Elizabeth Bakewell, [1755].

Portrait of the Mohawk leader, Theyanoguin. The son of a Mohawk noblewoman and a Mahican Chief in western Massachusetts, Theyangouin resettled near Canajoharie, New York by the early eighteenth century. He eventually rose to chief of the Mohawk Bear clan, and with William Johnson, was a crucial player in British diplomatic overtures to the other members of the Six Nations Confederacy to form an alliance against France. Also known as Hendrick, he allied with the British during the French and Indian War and was killed at the Battle of Lake George on 8 September 1755. This rare and large print was probably issued at the time of Theyanoguin's death. He was fighting for the British at Lake George, riding into warfare on horseback, despite being over 60. Until the 1990s, historians had conflated Hendrick Theyanoguin with Hendrick Tejonihokarawa (1660-c.1735) who was one of the "Four Mohawk Kings" who travelled to London in 1710 for an audience in the Court of Queen Anne (see lot 28). For a full treatment of the story of both Theyanoguin and Tejonihokarawa see Eric Hindraker, The Two Hendricks: Unraveling a Mohawk Mystery, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2010. Vail, "Portraits of 'The Four Kings of Canada,' A Bibliographical Footnote", To Dr. R. Essays Here Collected and Published in Honor of the Seventieth Birthday of Dr. A. S. W. Rosenbach. Philadelphia, 1946, pp 216-226.

Copper-engraving, 365 x 262mm plate size on 391 x 268mm sheet (affixed at corners to mat, a little repair visible at corners, some pale toning near top). Matted and framed.

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