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This lot will be stored at a third party warehouse… Read more Sold by EON Productions Limited, who will donate their entire proceeds from this lot, if sold, to Carnegie Institution for Science, please see further information below


Colour: Eiger Grey
Trim Level: XF
Engine: 3.0-litre V6 Supercharged, Petrol (Automatic, Left Hand Drive)
Power/Transmission: 380 PS, RWD
Height 1,457 mm.
Width 1,982 mm. (excluding wing mirrors) 2,088 mm. (including wing mirrors)
Length: 4,954 mm.
Wheelbase 2,960 mm.
Special notice

This lot will be stored at a third party warehouse and will be available for collection on the fourth business day following the sale. Please call Christie’s Client Services a minimum of 48 hours in advance make an appointment for collection, collection timings will be subject to availability at the storage facility. All collections MUST be by pre-booked and are by appointment only. Tel: +44 (0)20 7839 9060 I Email:

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General Enquires Sixty Years of James Bond

Lot Essay

Continuing Jaguar’s long-standing relationship with the James Bond film franchise, two Jaguar XFs made their on-screen debuts in the twenty-fifth film No Time To Die (2021).

Appearing in No Time To Die’s pre-credit sequence, the Jaguar XFs are seen on the streets of Matera, southern Italy, in pursuit of James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux). Driven by SPECTRE henchmen, the two XF saloons are seen weaving through the narrow, twisting streets of the ancient city. They drive across piazzas and down cobbled steps giving chase to 007.

Jaguar provided six XFs for the production of No Time To Die and this vehicle (VIN 618 – 2020 Model Year) is one of the six supplied. It features Jaguar’s all-wheel drive system with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics, which delivered incredible levels of traction on the low-grip surface of Matera’s street with SPECTRE's henchmen demonstrating that no street is too small and no corner too tight. The saloon’s lightweight aluminium-intensive architecture and advanced suspension design enable exceptional handling and agility together with outstanding ride, comfort and refinement.

Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations team worked together with the No Time To Die stunt and action vehicle teams to modify and adapt the vehicles to ensure they could perform the dynamic stunts required.


This vehicle is sold as a ‘non-runner’ collector’s item and is sold as seen. It is an original Jaguar XF (20MY) or similar and has been modified to be capable of certain specific limited uses by trained professional stunt drivers in a controlled environment for filming only and is not sold as a means of transport. It is not registered with the Driver Vehicle License Agency (DVLA) nor is it approved for use on any public roads or homologated. No promise is made that the vehicle is of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, meets any road vehicle regulations, safety requirements or is otherwise roadworthy. Servicing and repairs may require bespoke and custom-built parts.

Christie’s makes no representation as to the accuracy of any “mileage” or odometer readings, if present. If the successful buyer wishes to use the vehicle as a means of transport, he/she is alone responsible for all tests, repairs, reports and any other required formalities that are necessary to convert this vehicle from a collector’s item to a roadworthy vehicle (if possible).

It is offered by the Seller without any warranty of any kind other than those set out in paragraph E1 of the Conditions of Sale set out in the back of this catalogue or Christie’s gives no warranty in relation to any statement made, or information given, by us or by our representatives or employees about any lot other than as set out in the authenticity warranty set out in paragraph E2 of the Conditions of Sale set out in the back of this catalogue or on

As far as allowed by law, all warranties and other terms which may be added to the Conditions of Sale by law are excluded.

While any description of the vehicle or its condition is given honestly and with appropriate care, Christie’s staff are not vehicle specialists. Interested buyers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the condition of this vehicle and to seek independent specialist advice on condition if required. Please contact Christie’s to arrange an appointment to visually inspect the vehicle.

The lot is sold without intellectual property rights of any kind (including without limit copyright or other reproduction rights in or relating to the vehicle, its branding or the James Bond franchise).

The seller of this lot has agreed to donate their entire proceeds of the sale of this lot, if sold, to Carnegie Institution for Science. Carnegie Institution for Science is registered in Washington with Tax ID number 53-0196523. In addition, Christie’s will donate our entire buyer’s premium, less any costs incurred in selling the lot, please see further detailed information at the back of this catalogue.

Please be advised that this lot will be stored off site at a third party warehouse following the sale. Please contact the sale coordinator for further information.

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