Various Titles - 1920s-1960s
Approximately eighty-five posters comprising seventeen U.S. six-sheets, titles include: Abbott And Costello In The Foreign Legion, 1950, Universal; The Nun's Story, 1959, Warner Bros.; David And Bathsheba, 1951, T.C.F.; I Want To Live, 1958, U.A. (2), and Unexpected Father, 1939, Universal (2), all -- 81x81in. (205.7x205.7cm.); twenty-nine three-sheets, titles include: Harvey, 1950, Universal, (B-); A Double Life, 1947, Universal; Fahrenheit 451, 1966, Rank; Kiss In The Dark, 1949, Warner Bros.; Bird Of Paradise, 1951, T.C.F.; I Want To Live, 1958, U.A.; Night Passage, 1957, Universal; The Lady In The Iron Mask, 1952, T.C.F., and Slattery's Hurricane, 1949, T.C.F.; thirty-four one-sheets, titles include: The Hero, 1920, style A (2), style B (3); Yesterday's Wife, 1920s; Pleasure's Of The Rich, 1920s; The Invisible Woman, 1940, Universal; Tonight And Every Night, 1945, Columbia (borders trimmed); Lady From Cheyenne, 1941, Universal (2); How Baxter Butted In, 1920s, Warner Bros.; Girls School, 1938, Columbia; Pirates Of The Skies, 1938, Universal; Parole!, 1936, Universal; Trapped In the Sky, 1939, Columbia; The Wildcatter, 1937, Universal; Legion Of The Lost Flyers, 1939, Universal; Ski Patrol, 1940, Universal; Hired Wife, 1940, Universal, and Ex-Champ, 1939, Universal, all -- 41x27in. (104.1x68.6cm.); two British quads The Lady Is Willing, 1933, Columbia, and Prehistoric Women (Slave Girls), 1968, Hammer, both -- 30x40in.(76.2x101.6cm.); a British one-sheet Konga, 1950s re-release and a British publicity poster The Press on Betty Balfour in "The Sea Urchin", 1930s -- 40x30in. (101.6x76.2cm.), (A- - B+) (a lot)

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