Various Titles - 1930s
Twenty-three U.S. window cards, titles include Crime Of The Century, 1933, Paramount; By Whose Hand, 1932, Columbia; The Monkey's Paw, 1932, R.K.O.; The Silk Express, 1933, Warner Bros.; The Kiss Before The Mirror, 1933, Universal; Six Hours To Live, 1932, Fox; Movie Crazy, 1932, Paramount; Silly Billies, 1936, R.K.O.; I Had A Million, 1932, Paramount; Sitting Pretty, 1933, Paramount; Finishing School, 1934, R.K.O.; Professional Sweetheart, 1933, R.K.O.; The Last Days Of Pompeii, 1935, R.K.O.; all -- 22x14in. (56x35.5cm.), (A- - C) (23)

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