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The history of the Motorcycle

The history of the Motorcycle
14 Books; Heisse Öfen, Hans Reh. Wiesbaden 1974, with colour illustrations; lists of technical details and comments by the author.
Europameister Ewald Kluge, Hans Reh. 1st edition with dustjacket, Leipzig 1940; biography of motorcycle racing driver.
Motorrad Grand Prix, Klaus Bernd Winter. 1st edition Mýnchen 1979, documenting the history of the motorcycle Grand Prix.
50 Jahre Zýndapp, commemorating the history of the company (2 copies).
and 7 more books, some with dustjackets as well as 13 brochures
and 9 more books on motorcycles, some with dustjackets, and 5 brochures Die Honda Motorrad Story, Peter Garrick. German edition 1977.
Yamaha, Ted Macauley. German edition 1982.
Alle Motorräder1894 bis heuk, Erwin Tragatiscl. 1st edition 1976. Freiheit auf zwei Rädern, Gerold Lingnau on BMW motorcycles, 1982 (2 copies).
4 books on motorcycle history, with dustjackets
Speedway ist mein Leben, Egon Mýller, Mýnchen 1979
Die Story der BMW Motorräder, Robert Croucher. German edition 1983.
Geschichte der Windsbraut; commemorating 30 years of Horex, 1954.
DKW-Geschichte einer Weltmarke, Siegfried Rauch, Stuttgart 1981.
Motorrad Grand Prix 1991/2, Volker Rauch. Yearbook.
Motorräder, Erwin Tragatscl. 5th edition 1971.
Motorradsport Helmut Krackowitzer, Mýnchen, 1972.
Giacomo Agostini; German edition of biography, 1971, stamped "E. Tragatschl", with dustcover.
Zýndapp; commemorating 60 years of production (3 copies).
Die NSU Renngeschichte 1904-1956, Dicter Herz and Karl Reese, 1982. and 4 more books on motorcycle history
BMW Motorräder; Frankfurt 1976
Motor Jahr; a yearbook
Hockenheimring; commemorating 50 years of race track history, with handwritten signatures of drivers' wives: Mrs. Duke, Surtees, Taveri, Lomas and others.
The illustrated Encyclopaedia of Motorcycles, edited by Erwin Tragatscl, Reprint.
Berichmte Motorräder 1986-1950, Christian Rey and Harry Louis.
25 Jahre Motorad-WM, Helmut Krachowitzer, signed and dedicated to Erwin [Tragatscl] 1974.
6 brochures
Motorrad-Album, H. Krachowitzer, signed and dedicated to Tragatscl's widow Betty .
MZ, signed 1967.
Motorräder, H. Krackowitzer, signed.
Mein Motorrad und ich, Alex Býttner, 1924. Handbook
2 cheap pocket novels
Motorräder 1894-1971, Erwin Tragtscl; signed and dedicated to Wilhelm Helmerding, 1971.

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