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Ali Ibrahim Öcal (Turkish, b. 1982)
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Ali Ibrahim Öcal (Turkish, b. 1982)

Monolog III

Ali Ibrahim Öcal (Turkish, b. 1982)
Monolog III
acrylic on canvas
68 7/8 x 63in. (175 x 160cm.)
Painted in 2012
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Ali Ibrahim Öcal develops a distance between himself and the motives of his work. That is why a science-like coldness is attached to the paintings, where the viewer has to transfer his emotional and intellectual input into the painting.

In the animal fights, where raging dogs are engaged in acts of violence, the paintings show the moment before the real clash where the blood fight happens. In choreographies of violence, a deadly beauty occurs, which is covered in an aesthetic of brutality. The artist aims to ask questions to the viewer about the state of imitating bestiality or the balances in the show of strength, against this relative 'beauty', which is shaped by cultural conundrums. The work's title underlines the individual's conversation with himself. Therefore the monochrome scene where two animals are brought together by human hand, in an unnatural way, presents us the beginning of the dialogue between black and white in this respect.

Öcal does not communicate a clear message. His paintings open up gates of meaning and go beyond any painterly illustration of knowledge.They discuss our world without imposing a meaning and ask questions instead of giving answers.


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