Supplementary China Privacy Notice

If we change the purposes or legal basis for processing your personal data, how we process your personal data or the types of personal data we process, we will seek further consent from you.

Where we have put an asterisk next to certain personal data in Section 3 “What personal data do we process and why?” of the Privacy Notice, this is to let you know that the data could be sensitive personal information. We will ask for your separate consent for processing sensitive personal information. Please indicate your consent when prompted.

In circumstances where your personal data is shared between and used by members of the Christie’s Group which are based outside China, each such member will process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. You may contact them by using the contact details mentioned in Section 10 “Contact Information”. We will ask for your separate consent for the sharing and the transfer. Please indicate your consent when prompted.

The terms “personal data”, “special category of data” and “data controller” although defined in the Privacy Policy should be read to mean “personal information”, “sensitive personal information” and “data handler” as these terms are used and defined under the China Personal Information Protection Law and related regulations and measures. If there is any inconsistency of the terms as they are defined in the Privacy Policy, the statutory definition will prevail.