For single objects or large collections, we provide a range of appraisals to suit our client’s needs, including:

• Estate Tax
• Gift Tax
• Charitable Donation
• Establish Cost Basis
• Financial Planning
• Estate Planning
• Loan Collateral
• Insurance


We facilitate the process from start to finish, including introductions to our experts, assistance in setting up bidding, arranging special payment terms, and shipping assistance.


Our services include providing Auction Estimates and Sale Proposals tailored to your specific needs and concerns. We also work with our corporate clients on private sales independent of the auction timeline.

Special Events

We offer our specialists for participation in lectures and symposia, coordinate social and educational events for your patrons in Christie’s international galleries, and also provide benefit auctioneers for your fundraising initiatives.

For further information and to find out how Christie's Corporate Collections team can assist you, please contact us.