The specialist scoop: an exclusive look at 7 handpicked lots from this summer’s luxury week

From a handbag on wheels to a ‘great explorer’s’ timepiece, Christie’s experts talk their top picks from this June’s luxury week

Specialist Picks Luxury Week

‘This Van Cleef & Arpels necklace and pair of earrings come from the Collection of Sunny von Bülow, an American socialite renowned for her elegant taste in spectacular jewels.

An exquisite Van Cleef & Arpels carved emerald, ruby and diamond necklace. 15 inches (38.1 cm). Estimate: $200,000–300,000. Offered in Magnificent Jewels on 11 June 2024 at Christie's in New York

Van Cleef & Arpels carved emerald, ruby and diamond pendant earrings. 2 ½ x ⅞ inches (6.3 x 2.2 cm). Estimate: $60,000–80,000. Offered in Magnificent Jewels on 11 June 2024 at Christie's in New York

‘Bülow had a curated collection of jewels that build up to this iconic emerald, ruby and diamond necklace. The piece draws reference from Indian-style jewels which came in vogue in the beginning of the 20th century. What is spectacular is the vibrant emerald carved in a beautiful floral design. It is surrounded by rich pear-shaped rubies, bordered by round diamonds set in a gold paisley pattern, then continue as two lines of diamonds extending up the neck. It’s such an outstanding, one-of-a-kind piece. The earrings are an almost identical match to the necklace; the complementing set is a striking example of Van Cleef & Arpels’ artistry.

‘It's an incredible feeling whenever I see an exquisitely hand crafted jewel up close.’

Bolide on WheelsMax Brownawell, Head of Department, Handbags & Accessories  

‘This piece is very fun. The Bolide is an historically important bag. It was originally designed in 1923 and was the first handbag to use a zipper closure.

‘Hermès started out as a harness maker and saddle workshop. As the automobile age was getting underway the house shifted to making luxury accessories like clothing and handbags. The Bolide was designed to fit in the trunk of a car and is one of the oldest handbag designs still on the market.

‘This Bolide on Wheels was released rather recently as a limited edition, and it really does roll. I love how that detail relates back to the initial impetus for designing the Bolide.

A limited-edition Vert Fizz epsom leather Bolide on Wheels with palladium hardware, Hermès, 2023. 20 w x 14.5 h x 8 d cm. Estimate: $15,000–20,000. Offered in Handbags Online: The New York Edit on 30 May- 13 June 2024 at Christie’s in New York

‘This one is in a colour called Vert Fizz, a new green shade released a few years ago. Hermès is known for really beautiful and deep colours. Their leathers are tinted using vegetable dyes, which produces gorgeous hues. Sometimes Hermès releases a bag in one colour and finds that it can’t reproduce it to its standards, so the hue will be discontinued after a single season. The house occasionally brings back certain discontinued colours, and every year it releases a handful of new colours as well.

‘Though it offers more than 40 shades of blue, Hermès has fewer green options. Vert Fizz became a really hot colour when it was released, and it remains so for collectors.’

Rolex, ‘Prototype pre-explorer’ Ref. 6098Mathieu Ruffat, Specialist, Watches

‘This expedition-worn “Prototype Pre-Explorer” Rolex was supplied for the Canadian Arctic Baffin Island expedition in 1953 by the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research. It is offered directly by the family of Colonel Patrick Douglas Baird, who was the leader of this expedition in 1953. He was a key figure involved in the early exploration of the Arctic regions. The Rolex accompanied Baird during his exploits, including the first time a human set foot on many of the remote peaks of Baffin Island.

Rolex. A historically important expedition-worn stainless wristwatch presented to Colonel Baird by the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Research (S.F.A.R.) in 1953. Case number: 916'487. Dimensions: 36 mm. diameter. Estimate: $20,00–40,000. Offered in Important Watches on 10 June 2024 at Christie's in New York

‘To hold a watch that was used during important scientific discoveries is a pleasure. Rolex is known for being the timekeeper of great explorers, often through extreme conditions. Its watches have taken part in many of the great land and sea explorations of the 20th century, including polar and mountaineering expeditions. With this Rolex, you can own a piece of history from a great explorer.’

Domaine Georges Roumier, MusignyPaul Tortora, International Director of Wine

‘The wines of the iconic Domaine Georges Roumier are amongst those most coveted by Burgundy collectors, however none more so than the domaine’s exceptionally rare Musigny Grand Cru, a single bottle of which is featured as part of the highly curated The Landmark Cellar in the upcoming Fine & Rare Wines Online sale. The bottle on offer is from the joyful and fresh 2017 vintage, in which Christophe Roumier made only one and a half barrels of Musigny from his tiny holding at the top of this vineyard.

Domaine Georges Roumier, Musigny, 2017. Estimate: $7,000–10,000. Offered in Fine and Rare Wines Online: Featuring The Landmark Cellar on 30 May–12 June 2024 at Christie’s Online

‘Given the rarity, the opportunity to enjoy and share a bottle is always a privilege and a special occasion – a red-letter day (or night!) for even the most seasoned wine collectors.

‘Great wines for me are about texture, and Roumier’s Musigny is unique. Compared to the domaine’s nearby Les Amoureuses, for example, which is soft, silky and open, the Musigny has a fine, seamlessly woven velvety texture alongside a vibrant dimensionality and richness without weight. It’s unmistakable – it could come from no place else on earth and from no other domaine.’

A fancy vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond and emerald-cut sapphireAlexander Eblen, Senior Specialist, Jewellery

‘Elongated emerald cuts on these types of coloured gems are quite unusual. As a specialist, you seldom see these highly desirable and elegant shapes yet the demand for them is always high. The emerald cut is derived from an ancient technique dating back to the 14th century. This faceting style is unforgiving, so you must start with a very rare rough crystal — one that has inherently strong colour and high clarity.'

A fine coloured diamond and diamond ring. Fancy vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond of 6.09 carats, pear-shaped diamonds, 18k yellow gold (French mark), maker's mark (Cauet). Estimate: $250,000–350,000. Offered in Magnificent Jewels on 11 June 2024 at Christie's in New York

Sapphire and diamond ring. Rectangular emerald-cut sapphire of 18.31 carats, triangular-shaped diamonds, platinum. Estimate: $150,000–250,000. Offered in Magnificent Jewels on 11 June 2024 at Christie's in New York

‘18-carat sapphire ring has the depth and strength of saturation that made Burmese sapphires exceptionally famous and desirable. This is a gem where you can see that gorgeous blue hue from several feet away. And while it is the color that first captures the attention, the extraordinary clarity will impress even the most discerning.

‘The 6.09-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond ring checks every box. If you are looking for that saturated lemon hue, this stone offers a pure, electric citrus colour. Anyone who sees it finds it irresistible, like candy.’

Mini Kelly Max Brownawell, Head of Department, Handbags & Accessories

‘Seeing handbags in this colour, which is called 5P Pink, come out of the box is always exciting. Hermès collectors think of it as the quintessential, perfect bubble-gum pink: not too orange, not too purple. It’s also very hard to find in the matte alligator finish.

A rare, matte pink 5p alligator Mini Kelly 20 II with palladium hardware, Hermès, 2020. 20 w x 12 h x 6 d cm. Estimate: $60,000 - 70,000. Offered in Handbags Online: The New York Edit on 30 May- 13 June 2024 at Christie’s in New York

‘This is only the second time a matte 5P Mini Kelly has come to auction and only the third for a matte 5P Kelly of any size. This Mini Kelly design was first released in 2017, about 10 years after Hermès discontinued the original Mini Kelly 20. After the house redesigned it, the bag quickly became the most popular style and size. I’m partial to Kellys because I think the shoulder strap really adds practicality.

‘There are all sorts of standout elements that a handbag can have, from colour and hardware to unusual, limited-edition designs or embellishments. The rarity of this particular bag’s colour and material is sensational.’

Patek Philippe, ‘Golden Rule’ ref. 252Mathieu Ruffat, Specialist, Watches

‘This Patek Philippe Ref 2526 in yellow gold is nicknamed “Golden Rule”. It’s a historically important and extremely rare watch. It’s been fulfilling digging into its history, since this watch, which has a dial configuration that reads Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You, has long been mysterious. After some research and discovery, it was determined that the watch was part of a grouping ordered through Tiffany & Co. in the 1950s by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, then a senator, as gifts for friends and political officials.

A historically important and extremely rare 18k gold automatic wristwatch with 'golden rule' dial and bracelet, made by Tiffany & Co. for U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson. Case number: 760'628. Dimensions: 35 mm. diameter. Estimate: $25,000–45,000. Offered in Important Watches on 10 June 2024 at Christie's in New York

‘Originally gifted from Johnson to Senator Robert Kerr of Oklahoma, Mr. Kerr then graciously gifted the timepiece years later to a pilot (grandfather of present owner) who skillfully navigated and safely landed the Senator through a tumultuous storm.

‘The reference 2526 is the first timepiece that bears the Patek Philippe in-house mechanical movement, making it the first self-winding or automatic watch from the brand.’

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