FLOURISH: Art for the Future — Supporting a Cure for STXBP1 Disorders

Art for the Future — A Charity Auction Supporting a Cure for STXBP1 Disorders

  • Event date 29 September
  • Event location New York

As part of the Post-War to Present auction Christie’s New York is honoured to present FLOURISH: Art for the Future — Supporting a Cure for STXBP1 Disorders on 29 September in partnership with Bridget Finn of Reyes | Finn. This ground-breaking group of contemporary work features leading artists from KAWS, Robert Longo, Rashid Johnson and Laura Owens to Eddie Martinez, Sam Moyer, Mika Tajima and other creative luminaries. The works have been generously donated by the artists and their respective supporting galleries — with sales benefitting research to cure STXBP1 disorders.

You can browse the full selection of works donated to support Flourish here.

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A selection of donated works available for sale

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A note from the artists


Being able to give back is a gift, and I firmly believe in paying it forward. In this case, the cause is very close to my heart, as its my dear friend and former gallerist Bridget Finn, whose daughter, Florence, was diagnosed with STXBP1, a rare disease I was previously unaware of. I have learned through Bridget and her family that there is great potential to put a serious halt to the advancement of this disease.’

—Eddie Martinez, Artist

One of the most powerful things we can do as artists is come together to stand behind a cause. It’s a privilege to help fundraise in support of the research that will lead to the eradication of STXBP1—a rare disease I had never heard of until my best friend’s daughter, Florence, was diagnosed with it. I am now aware of how many families and individuals struggle with the effects of STXBP1, and how hard it is to receive a diagnosis for a disorder with so few medical treatments or solutions. Hopefully this effort will move the needle toward a brighter future for patients and families who are counting on groundbreaking research for a cure.’

—Sam Moyer, Artist

A note from the founder

Bridget Finn with her daughter Florence Beaubien and an artwork by Eddie Martinez. Photo courtesy of Flourish.

Thank you to the artists. I'll be forever grateful to each of the artists who’ve given absolutely incredible works to support the STXBP1 Foundation. Their generosity and impassioned willingness to contribute truly masterful works to finding a cure for this disease is beyond moving.

I also want to acknowledge every STXBP1 parent, rare disease parent and caregiver who wake up every day and find the strength to care and advocate for the needs of their child. We see you! To each of the STXBP1 children, you are pure love and relentless determination, this is for each of you.’

—Bridget Finn, FLOURISH Founder

STXBP1 is the 5th most common diagnosis in patients referred for genetic testing for epilepsy

About the STXBP1 Foundation


The STXBP1 Foundation is a parent-led advocacy organization. We are leading the charge towards finding a cure for epileptic encephalopathies and related neurodevelopmental disorders caused by changes in the STXBP1 gene. We are comprised of a diverse team of families and their support systems, including the scientists and medical professionals dedicated to ending STXBP1 Disorders. While fostering partnerships with physicians, researchers and other foundations, we share our knowledge on efficient ways to increase awareness of this rare, genetic disorder and identify therapeutic strategies. We believe that through our work, we are accelerating the development of improved therapies that will ultimately end the condition of STXBP1 Encephalopathy. Our International STXBP1 Family keeps expanding as families of newly diagnosed patients join Facebook groups every week. We look forward to seeing our numbers and networks continue to grow as more patients receive access to genetic testing.

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