The World of Heidi Horten

An Unparalleled Collection of Jewellery

  • Event date 3 – 15 MAY 2023
  • Event location Geneva & Online

The World of Heidi Horten May sale series realised a total of US$202 million / CHF 180 million, surpassing the US$162 million / CHF 145 million low estimate for these three auctions.

Pursuant to Mrs Horten’s wishes, all of the Estate’s proceeds will be donated to a foundation that supports philanthropic causes, including medical research, children’s welfare and access to the arts.

Christie’s has also committed to donate a significant portion of its commission to organisations that contribute to vitally important Holocaust research and education. It will be up to these organisations, if they so wish, to communicate about these donations.
The World of Heidi Horten

About Heidi Horten

Heidi Horten

Heidi Horten was an Austrian philanthropist known for her elegance, glamour and fine taste. From an early age, Mrs. Horten was exposed to objects of great beauty from her father, who was an engraver, and later during her first marriage at the age of 19 in 1966 to German businessman Helmut Horten, when she began to refine her eye for jewellery and works of art.

Over the course of her life, Mrs. Horten became passionately involved in areas as diverse as social welfare, sports and medical research, that she went on to support for decades. Throughout the years, she amassed one of the world’s most brilliant jewellery collections as well as a stunning assemblage of decorative arts, and modern and contemporary art, the latter of which is housed in The Heidi Horten Collection museum in Vienna.

Mr. Horten, her first husband, passed away in 1987, leaving a significant inheritance to Mrs. Horten, the source of which is a matter of public record. The business practices of Mr. Horten during the Nazi era, when he purchased Jewish businesses sold under duress, are well documented.

All of the Estate’s proceeds will benefit The Heidi Horten Foundation—established in 2021 to support The Heidi Horten Collection as well as medical research, child welfare, and other philanthropic activities that she supported for many decades. For our part, Christie’s will make a significant contribution from its final proceeds of the auction to organisations that further advance Holocaust research and education.

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 Heidi Horten Collection Palais Goëss-Horten Hanuschgasse 3 1010 Vienna, Austria

Heidi Horten Collection, Foto © Rupert Steiner


Heidi Horten Collection


“I am proud, with my collection and the construction of the museum, to have created something lasting, which future generations will also be able to experience when they visit my museum and take joy in the art that has given me such joy for so long.”

Heidi Goëss-Horten