XO WORLD Project Foundation

A Charity Auction for World Peace Day

  • Event date 21 September - 12 October
  • Event location Online

In commemoration of the launch of World Trade Center XO WORLD Project on World Peace Day (“World Peace From World Trade” 9/21/2021), Daniel Anderson will auction the large scale sister sculpture, XO WORLD Project: ‘XO Play,’ which was simultaneously unveiled at the World Trade Center Oculus.

This artist’s proof for The XO Play sculpture depicts children engaged in a game of Jacks. The ‘X’ illustrates the Jack with crossed arms each representing the four pillars of XO WORLD Project - equality, unity, peace, and love; and also represents “Love” in sign language. The ‘O’ is represented by a globe bringing humanity together as one. Reminiscent of childhood innocence and harmonious coexistence, it acts as a powerful metaphor of all races uniting, the accepting nature of children, and offers a vision of a better global society for generations to come.

This work will be offered at auction powered by The Auction Collective, to benefit the XO WORLD Project Foundation, a 501(c)3 entity that will advance Anderson’s platform for worldwide philanthropic initiatives.

XO Play

About the work

XO Play

Daniel Anderson
XO WORLD Project: 'XO Play'

(World Trade Center Oculus)

66"H x 180"W x 120"D
(168cm H x 457cm W x 305cm D)
Created in 2021
Sole artist proof (2 editions)

$200,000 - 350,000

Daniel Anderson's body of work focuses on the deconstruction, decomposition and redefinition of form. In his installations, such as XO WORLD Project: ‘XO Play’, he utilizes visual metaphors and symbolism - such as the ‘love jacks' (arms crossed to one's chest means ‘love’ in American Sign Language) the children in the sculpture are playing the game of jacks with - to communicate societal messages.

Art is a universal language that brings inclusion into the world and we are all one viewing, feeling and interacting with it. It is non-bias and nondiscriminatory.
—Artist & Founder of XO WORLD Project, Daniel Anderson

Charity partner

XO Play

XO World Project Foundation

It is the mission of XO World Project Foundation to improve the quality of life for women and children in poor underserved communities around the world by providing essential healthcare. Improving the quality of healthcare delivery by training local healthcare professionals and offering sustainable solutions for hospital infrastructure through program assistance and medical equipment donation. XO World Project Foundation is equally committed to combating the cycle of poverty that contributes to poor health by contributing material assistance to help increase access to clean water, sustainable food sources through dry season farming technology, and preventing cervical cancer and other diseases by and expanding community health outreach programs.