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Shapeshifter — The Multiverse of Wallace Chan

Non-selling exhibition
Hong Kong, 14-25 January 2019

In this solo exhibition by jewelry creator and innovator Wallace Chan, a multiverse of culture, craftsmanship and creativity is presented through over 80 creations — many of which have not yet been seen. In taking viewers on a journey through time and space with contemporary sculptures, wearable works of art, and pieces composed of the artist’s innovations over the past 45 years — including the Wallace Cut, Titanium Mastery, Patented Jade Technology, Gemstone-Setting-Gemstone Technique, Secret Abyss and the Wallace Chan Porcelain — the creator reveals how our memory may be our greatest material to reshape our past, re-imagine our present and rebuild our future.

“The spirit of what we once knew — in an earlier time in our lives, or on a previous plane of existence — shapes all that we encounter again.”

— Wallace Chan

Exhibition highlights

  • Stilled Life|Brooch and Sculpture

    Brooch: Imperial Jadeite, Lavender Jade, Ruby, Fancy Colored Diamond
    Bamboo Sculpture: Crystal, Yellow Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Diamond, Tsavorite Garnet

    Cicada, an ancient symbol; jade, the gentleman's stone -- a 5000-year-old Chinese story retold.

  • Butterfly Nebula|Brooch

    Left: Yellow Diamond 1pc 2.01ct, Yellow Diamond, Diamond, Tsavorite Garnet, Pink Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby
    Right: Yellow Diamond 1pc 2.32ct, Yellow Diamond, Diamond, Tsavorite Garnet, Pink Sapphire, Ruby

    About 4000 light-years away from Earth is the wildest dream fantasized under the light of stars fulfilled by the incomprehensible wonders of the universe: the Butterfly Nebula. From this hourglass-shaped cloud of interstellar gas and dust, a pair of spectacular butterflies emerge with dainty wings of near-perfect symmetry. They float through the night sky, exploring the mystical galaxies.

  • Legend of the Jade Dragon |Brooch

    Jadeite, Pearl, Yellow Diamond, Diamond, Green Tourmaline, Ruby, Sapphire, Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Crystal

    An antique form, once asleep, is now awake with a new life. History and modernity join hands to actualize the true spirit of inheritance and eternity.

  • Music on My Mind|Parure

    Necklace: Oval-shaped Ruby 7 pcs 56.23ct, Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Yellow Diamond, Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Opal
    Earrings: Oval-shaped Ruby 2 pcs 13.11ct, Yellow Diamond, Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Ruby
    Ring: Oval-shaped Ruby 1 pc 8.19ct, Yellow Diamond, Diamond, Pink Sapphire, Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Opal

    Light, color, and shape intertwine to mirror an exquisite dance to a magnificent tune. Rhythmic light and color are reminiscent of a musical notation; together they compose an act of glamour and elegance.

  • A New Generation|Ring

    Sapphire 3pcs 12.713ct in total, Aquamarine, Diamond, Sapphire, The Wallace Chan Porcelain

    Three sapphires represent a century’s supernovas. Together, they appear so vibrant, they outshine entire galaxies. The qualities of supernovas lead to associations with vitality and brightness, both of which are ever-changing forms. The look and feel of the porcelain securing the gems reflects such dynamic features. In light, during every moment and from any angle, a new aspect of the porcelain’s lustrous beauty shines forth.

  • The Love of Two Horses | Ring, Brooch and Sculpture

    Ring: Blue Diamond 1pc 7.32ct, Diamond, Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, The Wallace Chan Porcelain
    Brooch: Diamond, South Sea Pearl, Pink Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Onyx
    Base: Black Jade, Agate, South Sea Pearl

    The horses gaze into the blue diamond before them and find what is shared in their hearts: magic, a treasure, eternal love. When rare blue color is found in diamond, its symbolic power reaches new dimensions. Linked to the celestial and beyond, blue inspires meditation and transcendence. In the blue diamond is peace, calm, and freedom from earthly woes – a near supreme, supernatural beauty.

Exhibition information

  • Location

    The James Christie Room
    22nd Floor, Alexandra House
    18 Chater Road Central, Hong Kong

  • Viewing

    14-25 January, 10:30am-5:30pm

  • Enquiries
    Tel: +852 2760 1766

Christie’s Education programmes

The Art of High Jewellery: Design and Curating
Christie’s Hong Kong | 15 - 24 January 2019

In celebration of the special exhibition Shapeshifter, Christie’s Education is pleased to present a series of educational programmes led by leading contemporary jewellery creator and innovator Wallace Chan, to further our understanding of high jewellery and its history, art and design, and contemporary curating.

Programme Overview

• Masterclass in Modern and Contemporary Jewellery Design
Led by world-leading jewellery creator and innovator Wallace Chan, featuring jewellery historian Vanessa Cron

• Up Close and Personal: Wallace Chan and his Philosophy of Beauty
Led by Wallace Chan, including a handling session of his iconic pieces

• Introduction to Curating

• Conceptualising Beauty: Exhibition Walk-through with Wallace Chan

• Space and Beyond: A Gallery Walk-through with "Shapeshifter" Wallace Chan