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Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti

Artists, Operator

Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine are a Los Angeles-based artist duo ( whose collaborative practice brings together environments, performance, and technology, creating immersive experiences that draw audiences into their idiosyncratic worlds. Both conceptual artists—Ti with an extensive background in immersive art and human and computer interaction (HCI), and Catherine a recognized choreographer, performance artist and gender scholar—their expertise collide in a medium-fluent practice that spans fine art, commercial, and nightlife realms.

Their recent museum exhibition, ‘On View’ (2019), commissioned by the SCAD Museum of Art, looks at the generational desire to be the subject of an art experience. While the audience-reactive exhibition appears to be a non-digital environment, a complex network of technology is embedded both conceptually and practically into the backdrop of the experience—a nod to ubiquitous computing. ‘On View’ discreetly integrates over 20 network devices, real-time facial recognition, kinetic winch control, environmental sensors, and guest profile generation.

Outside museum walls, Ti and Catherine are making waves in experiential nightlife and dissonant hospitality, designing immersive performance installations for the likes of the LACMA Party at Art Basel Hong Kong and Berlin's Trauma Bar und Kino. The duo speaks internationally at fairs, festivals, and conferences as critical voices shaping the future of digital and experiential art.

Brendan Ciecko

CEO & Founder of Cuseum

Brendan Ciecko founded Cuseum in 2014 with the mission of helping museums, public attractions, and nonprofits engage their visitors and members using the power of digital. Today, Cuseum works with over 100 cultural institutions around the globe and is backed by Techstars, one of the world’s top startup accelerators. Prior to Cuseum, Ciecko started Ten Minute Media, an agency that specializes in digital media and creative services for the music entertainment industry. Since its official establishment in 2003, Ten Minute Media has acquired a flourishing list of clients including some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Ciecko’s entrepreneurial career and projects have gained the attention of the national press. In October of 2008, Ciecko appeared on the cover of Inc. Magazine in the feature article, Cool, Determined, Under 30: Meet the brains behind America’s smartest new companies. He has also appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, New York Times, The Guardian, BMW Magazine, Boston Globe, PC Magazine and was a national finalist of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. He holds two patents in the area of mobile technology. He currently sits on the Steering Committee of the Museum Council at Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Digital Advisory Board at the Neue Galerie New York, and Community Advisory Board for the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts. He has also served on the Massachusetts “It’s All Here” Advisory Board, Board of Washington Gateway Main Streets, Boston’s ONEin3 Council, and Regional Leadership Team of Technology for Obama.

Todd Eckert

Founder & CEO of Tin Drum and Director of The Life with Marina Abramovic

Todd Eckert is the Founder and CEO of Tin Drum, the world’s premier Mixed Reality production studio. In 2019 the company made history by exhibiting the Life with Marina Abramović at the Serpentine Galleries, London - it was the first large-scale MR exhibition anywhere, with an over-capacity audience of 5,000 seeing the piece over a week. It will begin touring the world in 2020.

Tin Drum was formed in 2016 as a content collective focusing on volumetric moving photography of real people to create holographic presentations of performance, narrative and installation. Todd previously served as Director of Content Development at Magic Leap, the legendary MR device manufacturer, joining the company in 2012. He worked in art and media for thirty years prior to Magic Leap. Todd produced Control, Anton Corbijn’s award-winning feature film about Joy Division’s lead singer Ian Curtis, which premiered at the Cannes film festival in 2007. He was Director of North America for Eutechnyx, a British video game development company. He began his career as a music journalist, becoming an editor of the national magazine OnlyMusic at 17.

Yibi Hu

Visual Artist and Director, Future Power Station

Yibi Hu is a multi-award winning visual artist and director with a diverse and eclectic body of work. Before setting up Future Power Station he was a senior member of the BBC’s in-house creative team.

His work experiments with 2D illustration, stop motion, hand drawn and 3D animation; creating TV commercials, brand identity and visual installations for high profile brands such as Huawei, BBC, BOSCH, Sky, Nike and The FA. Yibi has written and illustrated 4 volumes of his self-created comic series - selling over 60,000 copies - and has directed music videos for some of the world’s best known artists including George Michael, Joey Bada$$, Faithless, Zero 7 and Beyoncé.

Calvin Hui

Founder of Ink Now and 3812 Gallery

Calvin Hui is an acclaimed cultural entrepreneur, art advisor, collector and curator based in Hong Kong. Recognised as one of the leading figures in the local art scene, he has been active in promoting modern and contemporary Chinese art over the years, with a focus on promoting ink art.

Hui’s art business has been expanding rapidly and internationally in recent years: he founded 3812 Galleries in Hong Kong and London respectively; appointed as the Co-Chairman and Director of FINE ART ASIA from 2011 to 2017 and was the Founder and Director of INK ASIA from 2015 to 2017.

Hui is also currently being appointed by Ms. Pansy Ho as the Art Consultant for building the entire art collection for the MGM Cotai project, which aims to enrich the Chairman’s Collection and other art projects of the corporate. In 2018, Hui announced the establishment of INK NOW, the world’s first cultural brand specialising in the promotion of contemporary ink art and has organised the first INK NOW Art Expo in January 2019 in Taipei, which was awarded “The Twelfth Taiwan Interior Design Award – The TID Award of Public Space”. Following the notion “Eastern Origin in Contemporary Expression” and “More than Art Fair, More than Ink”, he hopes to raise international attention to Chinese ink art by grounding it in academic research and market insights.

Kien Lee

CEO of Pacific Future

Kien Lee has 10 years of experience in technology, operations structure design, cross border business cooperation and angel investments. In 2016, he established Pacific Future Limited in Hong Kong and a laboratory in Shenzhen with team members from Malaysia, Australia, France, USA and China.

The company focuses on hardware/software AR+AI technology. It underwent 3 rounds of seed funding with the latest in October 2019, valued at 120 million USD (A series funding). It owns 164 technology patents worldwide. He won the 2019 Top Outstanding Young Malaysian Award, is a Council member of ARM AI Ecosystem Consortium, Vice President of Shenzhen Augmented Reality Technology Association and Vice President, Association of Belt and Road Malaysia.

Sylvian Levy

Founder of DSLcollection

Sylvain and Dominique Levy co- founded DSLcollection in 2005. Since its inception, the DSLcollection has been trying to bridge harmoniously the worlds of Art, Humanities, and Science.
•   Art especially by being one of the only collections focused on Chinese contemporary art.
•   Humanities by keeping the collection as a family and personal journey, and especially by having their daughter fully involved in the project.
•   Science by using the technology to open new spaces and experiences for people to connect with art.

DSLcollection also decided that the collection should be a nomadic one. From 2005 it went from a website to a 2D and 3D museum, and in 2012a museum on Second Life and now augmented reality and virtual reality.

Alex Medana

CEO and Co-Founder of FinFabrik

lex Medana is the co-founder and CEO of FinFabrik, a Fintech firm headquartered in Hong Kong. FinFabrik creates financial technology to reinvent capital markets, connecting asset owners and investors to make investment opportunities accessible to anyone in the new digital asset era.

Alex has 20 years of deep financial services experience, that he spent most of his time in Tier one global financial institutions overseeing operations across diverse asset classes, client segments and business lines in Europe and APAC.

He is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with passion. He advocates broader financial participation by empowering people with the right technological innovation.

Ryotaro Muramatsu

CEO of Naked Inc

Ryotaro Muramatsu is an artist,CEO of NAKED Inc., Visiting Professor of Osaka University of Arts and Branding Director of Achi Village, Nagano. Since founding NAKED Inc. in 1997, he has lead projects in various fields such as film, TV, music videos, advertisements, and spatial presentation. The films he directed have received more than 48 nominations and awards at film festivals around the world.

In recent years he has produced immersive art events including "FLOWERS BY NAKED" and "TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED". He also continuously works with leaders of traditional Japanese culture to create installations and live performances, while also leading local cultural programs in communities around Japan, starting with Achi Village, Nagano where he is branding director. He keeps creating new experiences and value through both his own work and collaborations. "Projection Mapping by Ryotaro Muramatsu; SCENES by NAKED" was published by Kadokawa in 2015.

Alexander Padhaiski

Co-Founder and COO of The Parallel

Co-Founder and COO at The Parallel, Alexander is passionate about XR; striving to promote it across all sectors as he purely believes that it brings the future today. He is also passionate about art and in the era of emerging technologies, he believes that these two should come along that will bring new generation of art techniques.

Jason Si

Dean of Research and Development of Tencent

Dr. Jason Si is currently the Dean of Tencent Research Institute, the general manager of Public Strategy Research , and the Director of Public Policy. He is a member of Information Society 50 Forum and a senior research fellow of International Copyright Research Center in NCAC. He is also a visiting scholar of Stanford Law School, President of the Shenzhen Copyright Association, and an advisor to postgraduates at Peking University Law School. Council member of China Law Society. Deputy director of China Industrial Internet Development Alliance.

Before joining Tencent, he held key positions in Netease, Xunlei, and other renowned Chinese internet companies. This unique combination of both academic and practical experiences helps him cut deep into those often fast-changing structures and practices of the Chinese internet industry, and develop his reputation as an influential advisor in relevant fields.

Jacky Tsai


Jacky Tsai is a Chinese artist based in London. His inventive approach fuses traditional eastern artistic techniques and imagery with western Pop Art references to create an original style that seeks to establish balance and harmony between cultural extremes. Tsai works across many fields, conceiving artworks that manifest themselves through a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, screen-printing and mono printing. In recent years, a large part of his working process has been to explore ancient Chinese artistry techniques such as lacquer carving, painted porcelain and ‘Suxiu’ silk embroidery, and as a result has since produced a number of works applied in these mediums.

Tsai studied for his BA at the China Academy of Art before moving to London to study at Central Saint Martin’s. Since then his work has been exhibited worldwide, with key exhibitions in London, Moscow, Hong Kong, New York and Singapore. February 2018 saw Tsai’s first retrospective exhibition at the prestigious Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), presented a number of works completed over the past several years and marked his first time showing in Russia. Other notable solo shows have been at the Unit London and Contemporary by Angela Li, Hong Kong.

Qinwen Wang

Web3 Foundation, CATO of ArtWook

Qinwen Wang‘s adventures span from being an Artist, to Venture Capital to Entrepreneurship geographically extending from China, the Middle East to Europe.

Founded in 2012, QW Art Advisory exists to support Qinwen’s art projects and to enrich art market’s access to technology through advisory business. During VC days in Kuan Capital, she helped Israel technology to commercialize in China through co-innovation investment model. And now Qinwen joined, a Swiss foundation founded by Dr. Gavin Wood fostering the cryptographically-enabled protocols that safeguard decentralization and enable the vision of Web 3.0.

Unique hybrid backgrounds forms Qinwen’s mission-driven dedication in Art & Technology to progress Art Industry with Technology and support Technology Generative Art Movement. She launched Art & Tech online course with HashBang (which she co-founded) and support ArtWook to improve the liquidity of Fine Art market through ownership tokenization by blockchain. Qinwen is also the advisor to The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art and speaker at Bahrain Art Week and APEC Women Connect.

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder

CEO & Co Founder of Vastari

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder is CEO and Co-Founder of Vastari Group, an online platform securely connecting private collectors of art, exhibition producers, venues and museums for exhibition loans and tours. She was a founding member of the team at Trinity House gallery on Maddox Street in London, has worked to represent illustrators at Traffic Creative Management agency and facilitated museum exhibition design at Ralph Appelbaum Associates in New York.

Bernadine is a member of the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market, the Association of Women in the Arts and the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars. Bernadine holds a Master’s degree in History of Art and Art-World Practice from Christie’s Education/The University of Glasgow and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design, New York.

She is a young ambassador to the Museum of London, an advisor to We Are Museums, Cromwell Place, Artnome, the Christie's Employers Advisory Group and a mentor at the Founder Institute. In 2018 she was selected for Apollo Magazine's 40 under 40 Europe, and Bernadine and co-founder Francesca Polo were shortlisted for the Natwest Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2017.

Bernadine is a huge proponent of technological innovation for the art world, and in July 2018, Vastari helped co-organise the first Christie’s Art+Tech Summit in London, focussing on blockchain technology.

John Wong

CEO of dontbelieveinstyle

John Wong is a multimedia artist, CEO of dontbelieveinstyle. John’s personal work is always questioning the idea of trust, self-identity, modern supersition over the relationship of Chinese traditional cultures & new technology. Algorithmic installation art, “RUSHI”, exhibits at Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2018; ISEA 2019 at Gwangju; & SIGGRAPH 2019’s art gallery at Los Angeles, where RUSHI awards the “Best in Show – Art Gallery” prize.

Together with Alexson Chu & Henry Lam, John is the core member of an art collective, XRT. XRT means “extended reality art”. XRT is a Hong Kong-based technology-driven art collective. It creates art installation & experience by using extended reality, immersive technology, artificial intelligence, & machine learning. XRT’s work explores or questions the intersection of art at the computing age, immersive & extended reality, over local & modern Chinese cultures.

XRT’s VR art installation, “I AM/WERE HERE/THERE #1 & 2”, exhibits at Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2018; ISEA 2019 at Gwangju; COMO & HAPPY SCREEN 2019 at Seoul. And A.I. interactive art installation, “MOUNTAIN & WATER”, is selected as The Finalist of The Hopper Prize 2019.

Victor Wong

Tech-Ink Artist and Director

Victor Wong is an artist and director, best known for his digital work and special effects, and has been widely acclaimed by international collectors and media. Wong graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1989. Wong’s visual effects (VFX) production company, vfxNova, has developed visual effects for over 100 feature films recently, some of which have won numerous international design awards including The New York Festival Award, Tokyo JIAA Advertising Award, Hong Kong Film Awards and The Golden Horse Awards.

He is recently focusing on a new form of Chinese ink painting by using state-of-the-art technologies. His creation, A.I. Gemini, is the world’s first artificial intelligence “ink artist” which took him three years to build and programme. It gets its name from the astrological sign represented by a pair of twins, to refer to the close relation of I.I. mind and robotic body. In January, Wong’s Escapism series was announced at INK NOW Taipei Art Expo, marking the beginning of the “TECH-iNK” era. In April, Wong held his solo exhibition Far Side of the Moon in 3812 Gallery London, as his debut show in Europe, followed by his solo exhibition in 3812 Gallery Hong Kong, TECH-iNK Garden. In March, Wong was also nominated as the “Martell Artist of the Year 2019” for his emphasis on innovation and heritage preservation in his passionate artistic journey.

Celina Yeh

Project Manager of HTC VIVE Arts

Celina Yeh is the Acting Director of VIVE Arts at HTC, a global program that uses the latest technology to transform the way culture is experienced, fostering digital innovation, by working with leading artists and institutions to create immersive artworks and exhibits.

Graduated from Ravensbourne University London with a BA degree in Furniture and Product Design, Celina has worked in cultural organizations and design consultancies in London and Taipei, overseeing exhibition, art, and cultural program, branding, and product design projects globally. Based on her years of experiences in the creative industry, as Acting Director, Celina is now in charge of VIVE Arts’ partnership with leading museums, cultural institutions, and artists globally, as well as overseeing major projects at institutions including the Musee du Louvre, the Royal Academy and Art Basel in Hong Kong.

Yin Hui

CTO of Artron

Being certified by Disaster Recovery Institute, Harry Yin is an expert in Business Continuity Management, CBCP, CCNP, MCSE, OpenStack Administrator. He has a deep understanding of big data platform such as Hadoop / Spark / Storm.

Yin also participated in programming work for People’s Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission, just to name a few.

Yin is now the CTO of Artron Group. He previously held positions at Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, China Netcom, Beijing Teamsun Tech Co etc. He has accumulated knowledge in IT management skills, applying big data in finance industry, risk management, data disaster recovery, business continuity management and cloud computing.

Yin has also participated in participated in Beijing Xiangyun Project’s Industry Chain Analysis project leader of Chongqing’s “Cloud Project” Industry Planning, advisor of Guangzhou’s “Cloud Project” Industry Planning and lead advisor of Harbin’s Yunfeiyang Project i.e. the cloud computing development plan of the Harbin Science and Technology Innovation Town.

Being the pioneer in China’s IT industry, Yin has provided professional advice to China Banking Regulatory Commission, People’s Bank of China and China’s major cities states government. He also serves at the lead representative / advisor for various Fortune 500 companies, such as Mercedes-Benz, Airbus, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications etc.

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