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Royal Drawing School:
Best of the Drawing Year 2019-20

London, 24–26 May 2021

Christie’s is pleased to host the The Royal Drawing School for a selling exhibition of drawings and works on paper by the 30 students studying on The Drawing Year post graduate programme. The exhibition offers a range of work, rich in observation, imagination and storytelling. The graduating artists come from a range of backgrounds and artistic disciplines, including painting, printmaking, animation, and illustration.

The Royal Drawing School is an independent, not-for-profit resource that aims to raise the standard and profile of drawing through teaching and practice. The School was founded by HRH The Prince of Wales along with artist Catherine Goodman in 2000.

The exhibition will move to the Royal Drawing School’s gallery in Shoreditch at 19–22 Charlotte Road, EC2A 3SG, exhibiting an expanded collection of over 500 drawings from 4–17 June 2021, and can be viewed online at

Exhibiting artists
Mohammad Barrangi, Otis Blease, Alix Bortoli, Louise Boulter, Alex Brown, Hannah Buckman, Sam Chatto, Harry Clitheroe, Lucy Clitheroe, Rose de Borman, Melina Doumy, Alastair Farley, Joe Fox, Lucile Haefflinger, Felix Higham, Nathalie Hollis, Lily Irwin, Tezz Kamoen, Pat Macdonald, Leo Macdonald Oulds, Jack McGarrity, Daisy Nutting, Oliver Offord, Isobel Plent Das Gupta, Francesco Poiana, Trishna Rehan, Marina Renee-Cemmick, Hannah Tilson, Agnes Treherne, Yiwei Xu.


  • Hannah Tilson

    Coloured pencil, pastel and watercolour ink on paper, 30 x 40cm

  • Tezz Kamoen

    Honey We Shrunk The Kids
    Soft pastels on paper, 150 x 153cm

  • Yiwei Xu

    I Wish to Go Elsewhere
    Mixed media, 152 x 111cm

  • Lucile Haefflinger

    Soft pastel, pigment and pencil on paper, 72 x 94cm

  • Hannah Buckman

    Adze Dzaa?
    Pastel on paper, 59 x 59cm

  • Melina Doumy

    Reclaiming the Land
    Watercolour, pastel and charcoal on paper, 151 x 121cm

Exhibition information

8 King Street, St. James's
London SW1Y 6QT

Exhibition open 24–26 May 2021 by appointment only

To make an appointment or access the selling catalogue please send an email to: