Say It Loud

Online Exhibition | 31 July - 21 August

Christie’s CSR Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives, in partnership with acclaimed curator Destinee Ross-Sutton, is excited to present Say it Loud, a virtual exhibition featuring works by international emerging and mid-career contemporary Black artists. The exhibition spotlights 22 exceptional artists working around the world, providing them with a global platform for the amplification of their unique and diverse artworks, narratives and lenses. 100% of the proceeds will be paid to the artists directly. Named after the iconic James Brown song “Say it Loud: I’m Black and I’m Proud,” this exhibition is the first event in a series of exhibitions and educational programming organized by Christie’s CSR Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives that will provide a necessary platform for the Black art community’s voices to be amplified and empowered.

Our organization is committed to addressing systemic racism and discrimination in our society and creating a more diverse, socially engaged Christie’s. It is our responsibility now and going forward to listen, understand, acknowledge, take action and celebrate the rich histories and the future promise these artists represent. As we reflect upon the many manifestations of racism prevalent in our society, consult with external experts, and engage with the larger arts community, we begin a crucial journey towards creating permanent change—both here at Christie’s and more broadly throughout the art world.

Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)

A new online selling exhibition celebrates 22 young, emerging and mid-career artists from across Africa and its diaspora. Its curator, Destinee Ross-Sutton, talks us through five key works.

Exhibition information

Explore Say It Loud, a virtual exhibition, spotlighting 22 exceptional artists and providing them with a global platform for the amplification of their unique and diverse artworks, narratives and lenses.

31 July – 21 August

Celine Cunha
Tel:+1 917 544 6298

Sarah Mackay
Tel: +1 212 636 2000

About the curator

We are thrilled to highlight our partnership with curator Destinee Ross-Sutton. Ms. Ross-Sutton has co-curated and curated successful international group exhibitions at renowned institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA) and CFHILL, Stockholm, Sweden. Independently, she advises several private institutions and international collectors on acquisitions of contemporary art with a focus on African and African-American art. In her curatorial projects, Ms. Ross-Sutton has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to unify diverse subjects and styles. Within her purview as artist manager, she acts as steward, guiding artists careers to fruition. In her eyes, ‘showing a wide range of opinions, voices and countless expressions of beauty is essential in a world where compassion and connection is needed now more than ever’ (D. Ross, quoted in exh. cat., Black Voices/Black Microcosm, 8 April-9 May 2020).

Artist Talk & Consortium

Christie’s CSR Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives is pleased to announce a 2-part Artist Talk & Consortium curated by The Harlem Arts Alliance as an advocate for artists locally and globally. The event will take place on 5 August and will accompany Christie’s Say It Loud 2020 online art exhibition, curated in partnership with Destinee Ross-Sutton. The event will feature a live vocal performance and DJ set by DJ Spinna, and will center on the voices of artists and thought leaders.

Event Information
Online, 5 August, 2020
1pm – 3pm

Part I: ‘Artist Talk — From Our Eyes Only’, moderated by Stephanie George

Panelists: Destinee Ross-Sutton, Cary Fagan, YoYo Lander, Nelson Makamo, Alexis McGrigg, Azikiwe Mohammed, Khari Turner, Wonderbuhle, Barry Yusufu

Part II: ‘Black Legacies Matter: Curating A New Standard For Equitable Artist Engagement’, moderated by Halima Taha

Panelists: Heather Carter, Robert Carter, Dodji Gbedemah

These conversations are intended to amplify artists’ voices, and serve as a platform for art world leaders to highlight and discuss the inequalities experienced by Black artists and art industry workers alike, and the marked lack of Black and Brown accessibility to the art market on a global scale.

BARRY YUSUFU (NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA), The Dark Horse, Charcoal and acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50 in. (101.6 x 127 cm.), Executed in 2019.

Watch the panel discussion

About Harlem Arts Alliance

The Harlem Arts Alliance (HAA) is a non-profit arts service organization committed to nurturing the artistic growth and organizational development of artists and cultural institutions.

HAA offers free and low-cost community workshops, marketing, network opportunities and resource allocation to emerging and established artists.

HAA plays an essential role in the lives of emerging and established artists by helping build the resources, networks and capacity of its richly diverse membership. By increasing the exposure of its membership through our collaborative programming, HAA bridges gaps between artists and major arts institutions, amplifying the unique voices of our member artists and expanding the conversations surrounding their work.

HAA is a primary source for information dissemination, provides workshops and produces a number of showcase and presentation programs featuring the work of its members.