Christie’s is thrilled to be hosting the online catalogue of Studio in a School NYC's We ❤️ New York: Cityscapes by the Children of New York City, a showcase of artworks created by students in Kindergarten through High School working under the guidance of Studio’s dedicated Artist Instructors.

For more than 40 years, Studio in a School has been a vital presence in New York City’s public schools, bringing the rigor and joy of visual arts instruction to students citywide, providing meaningful work experiences in the arts and culture field to teens and college students, and offering professional development in visual arts education to classroom teachers. In recent years, Studio has successfully introduced its program models to cities across the U.S. while sustaining its presence in all five boroughs of the city.

Recognized repeatedly for its work, Studio was honored with the New York State Governor’s Award by Governor Mario Cuomo in 1988. More recently, Studio received the 2017 Arts Education Award, one of the National Arts Awards bestowed by Americans for the Arts, as well as the inaugural Chapman Prize from the Council on Foundations in October 2018.

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We ❤️ New York: Cityscapes by the Children of NYC

We ❤️ New York: Cityscapes by the Children of New York City presents artworks created by children and teens participating in Studio in a School’s New York City Schools Program. Comprised of 35 artworks in drawing, collage, painting and printmaking, this exhibition reflects and celebrates the diverse communities that enrich life in NYC.


  • Tenely M.

    2nd Grade
    Artist Instructor: Chris Williams

  • Pujita P.

    4th Grade
    P.S. 99, Queens
    Artist Instructor: Victoria Calabro

  • Dasha F.

    2nd Grade
    P.S. 103, Manhattan
    Artist Instructor: Miquel Tio

  • Group

    4th Grade
    P.S. 599, Brooklyn
    Artist Instructor: Midor Chevalier

  • Kilee D.

    3rd Grade
    P.S. 173, Manhattan
    Artist Instructor: Stephen Tunney

  • Joseph P.

    2nd Grade
    P.S. 87, Bronx
    Artist Instructor: Chris Williams

  • Group Project

    2nd Grade
    P.S. 123, Manhattan
    Artist Instructor: James Reynolds

  • Peter M.

    1st Grade
    P.S. 123, Manhattan
    Artist Instructor: Susan Conte

  • Richard Q.

    11th Grade
    Art and Design High School, Manhattan
    Artist Instructor: Langdon Graves

  • Naishaly R.

    3rd Grade
    P.S. 45, Brooklyn
    Artist Instructor: Leigh Ruple

We ❤️ New York: Let’s Draw

Drawing activities inspired by city life, for wherever you live!

The activities in We ❤️ New York: Let’s Draw are inspired by city-life, but you don’t have to live in a city to enjoy them. Studio NYC’s Artist Instructors developed these open-ended activities for everyone who likes to draw. Several activities that appear here were adapted from Studio NYC’s, Daily Sketch, a web-based collection of drawing prompts. If you like what you see, visit Studio in Your Home, to discover more of Studio NYC’s art activities, videos, and lessons.

Join us with these ten drawing activities created by Studio in a School NYC, in celebration of the exhibition, We ❤️ New York: Cityscapes by the Children of New York City.

Studio in a School Programs

Studio’s founding commitment to restore visual arts instruction by engaging professional artists to teach in public schools remains unchanged with programs realised through two divisions:

Studio NYC provides standards-based, sequential visual arts instruction taught by professional artists to 30,000+ students from Pre-K through 12th grade each year, in-school and after-school, in partnership with nearly 200 schools and educational sites in all five boroughs of New York City. Working in economically distressed communities, and with holistic programming that engages students, teachers, administrators and family members, Studio NYC embeds the visual arts into a school’s curricula, culture and community.

Studio Institute provides professional learning programs for educational systems, the dissemination of arts education research and opportunities for high school and college students of limited means to experience advanced studies in the visual arts, to prepare for higher education and to be introduced to careers in the arts and cultural sector. With a mandate to disseminate Studio’s model, the Institute offers programs in Boston, Cleveland, Memphis, Newark, Philadelphia and Providence, as well as in New York City.

In recent months, Studio has built its capacity to reach and engage students in new ways: contributing curricula to schools’ distance learning platforms, providing take-home art kits and lessons via Zoom to high school artists, launching the family-friendly Studio in Your Home on its website and more.

With your support during this challenging time, Studio in a School will continue to nurture each young person’s imagination, self-expression and confidence, no matter where they live or attend school. Please visit the Support page to learn more about how you can contribute to Studio and to the thousands of young people served each year.

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