Hermès handbags for every budget

Hermès handbags for every budget

Whether you’ve got $500 to spend or are ready to go to $50,000-plus, there’s a Hermès bag for you in our Handbags & Accessories sales. Specialist Rachel Koffsky picks her favourites

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  • Hermès handbags for below $500

The Cabana is a discontinued Hermès model, perfect for lovers of vintage and contemporary handbags alike. The lightweight, double shoulder-strap design makes it a stylish and functional piece, ideal for the woman on the go. Understated but masterfully crafted, the Cabana bag in Hermès

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  • Hermès handbags for $500-$1,000

The Evelyne bag has been a favourite with fans of Hermès since its introduction in 1978. Named for the head of the brand’s Equestrian department, Évelyne Bertrand, the bag features a perforated H pattern that is not merely decorative — it was originally a functional feature that allowed for ventilation and drying should one be carrying horse-grooming equipment. 

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  • Hermès handbags for $1,000-$3,000

Hermès drew inspiration for the Picotin bag from the feedbags looped over horses’ ears — a nod to the equestrian heritage of Hermès. The Picotin bag is an extremely lightweight model due to its simple design and lack of bulky hardware. Produced in super-collector favourite Pink 5P, this bag stands out in the best way.

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  • Hermès handbags for $3,000-$5,000

Hermès is well-known for its sense of humour, and this bag is a lovely example. Playfully inspired by a toolbox, it features a thick canvas strap that makes it supremely utilitarian. The limited-edition combination of Veau Doblis & Swift Leather, known as the Grizzly Toolbox, adds an extra element of originality.

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  • Hermès handbags for $5,000-$8,000

This stunning Kelly features hard sides and exterior stitches — the hallmarks of the sellier model. Particularly loved by collectors, the sellier Kelly is aesthetically striking and architectural in design. The bag is made in Hermès’ chèvre leather — a highly-durable and beautifully textured goat leather. The vert anis colour is also a collector favourite, and it perfectly paired with contrast stitching.

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  • Hermès handbags for $8,000-$10,000

The Constance bag might be the least-known of the most collectible Hermès models, but it is no less loved. Designed in 1969 by Catherine Chaillet and named after her newborn daughter, this shoulder bag features a prominent, shiny H clasp, crafted from six pieces of palladium. Each bag takes 14 hours to make, with a single craftsman hand-stitching almost 50 individual pieces of leather. This particular bag is created a custom piece - featuring a lovely Bleu Saphir exterior, paired with a striking Rose Extreme extrerior.

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  • Hermès handbags for $10,000-$15,000

The Club Birkin is a Limited Edition series of Birkin bags featuring bi-colour leather exteriors, complemented with a striking, contrasting stripes of lizard. This beautiful example features two muted neutrals- white and Gris Perle - with a flash of Mykonos lizard, creating an understaded and very special exterior. The Limited Edition Club Bikin was discontinued, making this a collector's find on the market. This classic Birkin is created in the brand’s most popular size, 35cm, and is complemented by palladium hardware, making it both sporty and chic.

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  • Hermès handbags for $15,000-$25,000

The sellier Kelly bag has been a classic since it originated in the early 20th century. Renamed after Grace Kelly — who allegedly fell in love with the bag after sporting one in To Catch a Thief in 1954 — it has embodied her ladylike style for more than 50 years. The ostrich leather used on this model enhances an aura of elegance in keeping with such a style icon.

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  • Hermès handbags for $25,000-$50,000

For a classic Hermès collector, a Shiny Crocodile Birkin is a must-have item. The 30cm size is a more petite model, ideal for transitioning from day to night. Graphite is a very dark gray, which reads as a more sophisticated alternative to black. Paired with Palladium Hardware, this is a forever-bag for a collector who appreciates the beauty of exotics.