Bridget Riley (b. 1931), Greensleeves (detail), 1983 © Bridget Riley 2016. All rights reserved, courtesy Karsten Schubert, London

Celebrating 20 years of London’s art scene, 1991-2011

A sharply curated look at two of the most exciting decades in British art history

From YBA darlings to conceptual artists, this selection of works from the Cranford Collection will be offered in our autumn Post-War and Contemporary Evening and Day Auctions on 6 and 7 October; in the eponymous Absobloodylutely! Online Auction on 4 – 13 October; and showcased in a bespoke volume produced by Christie’s.

Whether incendiary images or apparitions of subtle beauty, the works in Absobloodylutely! share a distinctively London tone of fun and irreverence. They tell the story of the city’s vibrant art scene in the 1990s, when the capital fizzed with a new energy. The vitality of imagination that rejuvenated the art community in post-Thatcher Britain resounds to this day, with London remaining one of the world’s leading centres for contemporary art. The introduction on the British scene of Tate Modern, Frieze, Artangel and Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth project, alongside the revamping of the Turner Prize, ignited both public and private engagement with art in a way never seen before. Now understood as a time of exceptional development, those years have inspired the interest of a new generation of academics and journalists.