Behind the scenes at the world’s leading art business

As Christie’s celebrates its 250th anniversary, we offer a glimpse inside the world’s leading auction house

Christie’s marks its 250th anniversary in 2016, and this historic year for the company has already been celebrated with a series of events and exhibitions throughout the world — including landmark sales to commemorate 10 years in Dubai and 30 years in Asia.

Here, we offer a whistle-stop tour of the world’s leading art business and a peek inside our salerooms across the globe. It is here that the dedicated work of our specialist staff takes place, handling, appraising and exhibiting the exceptional artworks and objects that pass through our business each year.

Founded in 1766 by James Christie, Christie’s has conducted the greatest and most celebrated auctions through the centuries that have followed, and currently offers around 350 auctions annually in more than 80 categories. In the first half of 2016, global auction, private and digital sales totalled £2.1 billion / $3 billion.

Over the last 250 years Christie’s has expanded its reach beyond its headquarters in London. The first sales in America took place in 1970, followed by Hong Kong in 1986 and more recently the Middle East in 2006. China and India followed in 2013, and the company now has 54 offices in 32 countries, with 12 international salerooms.

Since 2012, Christie’s has also included regular online sales across all collecting categories. This continuing spirit of innovation has enabled art collecting to become truly global, allowing clients to acquire or sell works across sale locations, collecting categories and via auction, private sale and online. We look forward to the next 250 years.