Royal treasures From hookahs to fly-whisks

Royal treasures: From hookahs to fly-whisks

Comprising the most delicate jades, intricate enamels and opulent jewels, the variety of techniques these works present reveal the true sophistication of Indian imperial ateliers. Treasures such as a diamond and enamel-covered gold huqqa set, reminiscent of the Peacock Throne, and a magnificent flywhisk of similar design would have embodied the power and wealth of the competing rulers of local kingdoms. One notable example is the distinctive finial of Tipu Sultan, also known as the ‘Tiger of Mysore’ whose courtly objects are commonly adorned with his personal emblem of the tiger. Other exceptional treasures include a heavily bejewelled pen case and the Baroda canopy adorned with over 950,000 pearls, precious gems and beads.