The beauty of time the timeless appeal of vintage handbags

The beauty of time: the timeless appeal of vintage handbags

Signature vintage handbags in pristine condition come with unique aesthetics. Specialist Jerry Chang explains the reasons and shares his expert advice for collectors

The modern fashion industry is swamped with new designs presented by international labels, yet some discerning collectors prefer vintage handbags that have different stories. While time can create the finest wines, it can also infuse a premium handbag with a sophisticated sense of elegance that can never be found in new designs, making the piece an excellent investment.

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  • Start your vintage handbag collection with Hermès

Which vintage bags are worthy collectables and may offer value appreciation? The most popular choices are certainly those crafted by Hermès, a century-old label known for its iconic handbags that are synonymous with fashion culture and exceptional leather craftsmanship. Hermès has also been committed to superior quality over quantity, and the heritage of “made in France”. With their highly acclaimed quality, Hermès handbags are the best bets for new vintage handbag collectors.

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  • The rarity of vintage bags

Why are vintage Hermès handbags highly sought after? It is because the production of some classic bestsellers discontinued a long time ago and are now rarely seen on the market, making them even more desirable. A signature vintage handbag in pristine condition can always create a stir in the saleroom since once you missed a discontinued item, it may not be available again.

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  • Vintage handbags can stand the test of time

Furthermore, a vintage handbag in excellent condition after at least a decade is a convincing testimony of the maker’s meticulous material selection and unrivalled craftsmanship. As such, time has become the witness of Hermès’ devotion to artisanal crafts of lasting quality. Those who have the opportunity to see and touch a vintage Hermès bag will realise that the pursuit of sustainable design, the stringent standards of leather selection and the utmost attention to every stitch are indeed the core values upheld by thse maison since the very beginning.

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  • The unique beauty of vintage handbags

In addition to their investment value, vintage handbags with their unique aesthetics are also sought after by collectors who want to showcase their personal taste. The rise of social media means that new models or new colours will become fashionable overnight and be copied by everyone. However, sophisticated fashionistas prefer to highlight their individuality andunique styles with rare vintage finds.

Many vintage handbags have developed an exquisite patina after use. As the oil of leather comes into contact with sunlight and air, the leather will soften gradually with use and become more lustrous. This one-of-a-kind antique look cannot be replicated, and contributes to the joy of collecting vintage bags.

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  • Choose vintage handbags of exceptional provenance

Collectors should acquire vintage handbags from well-established and reputable auction houses to ensure the reliable provenance of the items. Both good investments and sources of endless joy, vintage handbags are worth exploring for serious handbag collectors.