Virtual tour: Collection Daniel Lebard

Virtually step inside our Christie’s Paris galleries and enjoy a 360-degree view of our exhibition Collection Daniel Lebard, sous le prisme de la modernité. Passionate, scholar, with constant curiosity and enthusiasm, Daniel Lebard has assembled over the past 40 years a collection dedicated mainly to the Modernity of the first half of the 20th century. Made up of a unique set - by virtue of its very high quality and richness - of design pieces by the greatest artists, architects and designers of the period, it is anchored in the creations of the Bauhaus, an essential school for reading the Modernity, to which the artists who are members of the U.A.M. respond in France. It tells us the story of a world, and of a France more particularly, undergoing profound changes, whether political, economic, societal or cultural, with a more particular focus on the years of Reconstruction.