Summa Report no. 0155
C. Tiranta, Rome; 6 x 9cm., with a rollfilm back, four-lens turret holding a Schneider Xenar f/3.5 105mm. lens no. 6104776, Schneider Angulon f/6.8 65mm. lens no. 2229470 in a Synchro-Compur shutter, Schneider Xenar f/3.5 105mm. lens no. 5311415 in a Synchro-Compur shutter, Officine Galileo Reflar f/3.5 6.5cm. lens no. 00187, in maker's case
Antonetto & Malvoti (1983), Made in Italy, p.146, no. 264.

Only 100 examples of this camera were made in the serial number range 100-200. Three examples were sold in Cameras and Photographic Equipment, 3 October 1996, lots 222-224 and another example in Leica Cameras, Cameras and Optical Toys, Friday 12 June 1998, lot 709.

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