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Chassis No. W2090
Red with black interior

Engine: single cylinder, 2-stroke, 248cc; Gearbox: four speed manual with reverse; Suspension: struts and coil springs; Brakes: four wheel hydraulic. Left hand drive.

The Zundapp manufacturing plant has had a long and varied automotive history, starting just after the Great War when the sole proprietor, Fritz Neumeyer, started producing motorcycles. Not long after, in 1925, he ambitiously tried to obtain a licence to produce Rovers in Nurnberg, Germany, but his idea was thwarted due to financial constraints. Like all pioneers of the motor industry he did not give up and in 1931 he sought the inventiveness and knowledge of the legendary Ferdinand Porsche. Together they developed a five cylinder, radial, rear-engined car which was to become the precursor of the legendary Beetle, but it was never mass produced. Zundapp continued to produce motor cycles and mopeds until 1984 when the production facilities were sold to China.

In 1956 Zundapp took a licence for a small Dornier-designed vehicle and developed the Janus 250. The unconventional design of the coachwork and Dos-à-Dos seating arrangement created a wonderful symmetry and it was from the interior design that the name Janus was chosen, being the Roman God who faced two ways.

This enchanting Dos-a-Dos is finished in red with black upholstery with red piping and is described as being in excellent original condition, although the front and rear bumper assemblies appear to reveal slight damage and ageing to the chrome finish.

An opportunity to acquire one of the most admired and rare of all microcars.

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