KUNIO HAGIO (1947- ) Raging Bull United Artists, 1981
KUNIO HAGIO (1947- ) Raging Bull United Artists, 1981

KUNIO HAGIO (1947- ) Raging Bull United Artists, 1981
Signed "Hagio" u.r.
Oil on gessoed masonite
24 x 18 in.

An uncannily lifelike painting of Robert DeNiro as Jake LeMotta for the One-Sheet (Agency: Rosebud Studios). First Prize winner of the 1981 Hollywood Reporter Key Art Award for best One-Sheet, as well as awards from the Artist Guild of Chicago, Communication Arts magazine, Creativity magazine and the California Museum of Science and Industry.

Literature: Communication Arts, January/February 1988
(Illustrated, page 69)

Kunio Hagio has long been acknowledged for his commercial and editorial art. His painting of the tattooed face of a carnival performer, entitled Carny, first appeared in Playboy magazine in 1976 and immediately garnered five prestigious awards. Over the course of a twenty-five year career, Hagio has received over 50 awards for his art from A.I.G.A., Artist Guild of Chicago, Art Directors Club/NY, Advertising Club/NY, Society of Illustrators, Creativity magazine, Communication Arts magazine, and Vision magazine in Japan. Gulliver Magazine (Italy) described his paintings as "an essential part of American culture."

In addition to the award winning Cinema Art above Hagio has also created dramatic art for movies such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (advance poster), Paradise, Conan the Barbarian and The Seventh Seal, among others. Hagio's lifelike depictions seem to jump off his canvasses with an inner vitality of their own, and capture a realism that digs deep into his subject's very soul.

Raging Bull is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of all times, high on the list of "must see" movies of the twentieth century, whether that list is compiled by movie critics or the AFI. Movie critic Leonard Maltin's review typifies the recognition afforded Scorsese and the film. "Extraordinarily compelling look at prizefighter Jake La Motta, whose leading opponent outside the ring was always himself. That such a unappealing man could inspire so vivid a portrait is a tribute to the collaboration of Scorsese, DeNiro, and writers Paul Schrader and Mardik Martin. There's not a false note in characterization or period detail. DeNiro and editor Thelma Schoonmaker won richly deserved Academy Awards."

In addition to the Oscars, Raging Bull has been nominated for or received numerous awards including:
- 2 Academy Awards: Best Actor, Best Film Editing
- 6 Academy Award Nominations : Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Picture, Best Sound, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress
- American Cinema Editors/Eddie Award: Best Edited Feature Film
- 2 British Academy Awards: Best Editing, Most Outstanding Newcomer to Leading Film Role (Joe Pesci)
- 2 British Academy Award Nominations: Best Actor, Most Outstanding Newcomer to Leading Film Role (Cathy Moriarty)
- 2 Golden Globe Awards: Best Motion Picture, Best Actor - Drama
- 6 Golden Globe Nominations: Best Director, Best Motion Picture Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Motion Picture, Best Motion Picture Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Screenplay - Motion Picture, New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture-Female
- 2 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards: Best Actor, Best Picture
- 2 NBR Awards (National Board of Review, USA): Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor
- 3 NSFC Awards (National Society of Film Critics Awards, USA ): Best Cinematography,
- Best Director, Best Supporting Actor.
- 2 NYFCC Awards (New York Film Critics Circle Awards): Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor

Movie starred: Robert DeNiro, Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pesci, Frank Vincent, Nicholas Colasanto. Directed by Martin Scorsese. Academy Awards for Best Actor (DeNiro) and Best Editing.