Chassis No. 169599
Engine No. 169103
Green with green leather interior.

Engine: straight eight, 384.8ci, 120bhp at 3,200rpm; Gearbox: four speed manual; Brakes: four wheel drum; Suspension: semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear. Left hand drive.

The eight cylinder engine that Packard had revealed in 1923, as a successor to the V12, provided the backbone of Packard's future production which lasted up to the end of the 1930s. The design was a simple side valve (L-head) of the highest quality with a light alloy crankcase and the crankshaft running in nine main bearings. It gave smooth and effortless performance.

The new engine provided the model name for Packards most prestigious model of this era, the Eight. The short wheelbase eight cylinder was designated the 645 for 1929 and was offered in 21 body styles in 1929. This car carries the very desirable and attractive Phaeton coachwork designed by Dietrich. The name of Dietrich is always closely linked to coachbuilt Packards of the late 1920s to the early 30's.

1929 marked the first application of the Packard family coat-of-arms as a radiator emblem. The temperature gauge was removed from the radiator filler cap to a more easily read dash-mounted position, and an automatic cylinder oiler avoided engine wear caused by dry starts.

This handsome Packard Phaeton was purchased by the current owner, a prominent engineer, over 30 years ago in Agentina. He was at that stage President of the car manufacturing firm Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA). The car was fully restored in Argentina under the fastidious eye of the owner; and at the same time the mechanical brakes were uprated to a hydraulic system. In 1972 the owner moved back to the U.S. on a permanent basis and brought the car with him. The 645 benefited from another cosmetic restoration during 1992/93. Since the original mechanical rebuild the Packard has been used sparingly on events such as the Piedmont 4th of July parade and it is believed under 5,000 miles have been covered since 1965.

On a recent inspection the Packard started immediately and sounded very healthy (the engine is run regularly). It is thought the braking system could benefit from an overhaul and bleeding as the left front wheel grabs a little. An electric fuel pump has been fitted to aid the autovac system. The paintwork is highly presentable and has the owners initials JFM on the doors. The leather upholstery is particularly good and only showing slight wear, the wood work is in very sound condition. The opera lights for the rear passengers were working correctly. The side mounted wheels come with full covers with mirrors on top and there is a rear mounted trunk. This is a wonderful example of a classic phaeton which is eligible for all Classic Car Club of America events.

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