Chassis No. MK11 50722
Engine No. 8137391
Black with aluminum interior.

Engine: four cylinder, 1,500cc, Coventry-Climax FWB; Gearbox: MG four-speed manual. Right hand drive.

Although Lotus had traditionally used Roman numerals for mark designation, Colin Chapman decided that such numbers over ten became overwhelming and that a change to Arabic numbering should be made, but because of the risk of 11 being confused with a Roman II, the designation Lotus Eleven was chosen. The Eleven used Chapman's triangulated space frame which greatly enhanced stiffness emparted by the stressed transmission tunnel. Aerodynamiscist Frank Costin designed the bodywork and the engine options offered were the Coventry-Climax in either 1100cc or 1500cc form. The result was a sensational motor car which took the sports car racing world by storm in 1956, an Eleven winning its class at Le Mans driven by Peter Jopp and Reg Bicknell. A 1500cc version was driven by Chapman and an American, Mac Frazer, but that car retired after twenty hours.

The Eleven was updated fairly extensively -- enough to qualify for a new type number but Chapman had a tendency to be superstitious and twelve had already been used for the first Lotus single-seater, so the revised car became the Lotus Eleven Series 2. The major change was the wishbone front suspension, developed for the Type 12, and seventy Series 2 cars were built. Together with the earlier Elevens they made a total of some 270 -- enough to be homologated in the Grand Touring class for international sports car racing, opening the door for the Eleven to be extremely successful in this class of racing on the Continent.

This Series 2 has a history steeped in racing success, initially in Ireland before it was taken to the United States and then at Monterey in 1989-91 it was the fastest of the Elevens at Monterey in 1989 and 90. In 1987 it went through a two year frame up restoration and, again, had a complete rebuild by Vintage Racing Services in 1991. The engine was upgraded to 1500cc by Bill Hutton and the car is fitted with 54-chrome spoke Borrani road wheels, the overall condition is excellent.

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