Chassis No. H-BT7-L/1428
Engine No. 29F-RU-H/5818

Ice blue over Old English white with navy blue interior and navy blue soft top

Engine: six cylinder, overhead valve, twin SU carburetors, 2,912cc, 124bhp at 4,600rpm; Gearbox: four speed manual with overdrive on third and fourth gears; Suspension: front, independent coil springs, rear, live axle, semi-elliptic springs; Brakes: front disc, rear drum. Left hand drive.

The Austin-Healey sports car range is synonymous with a particular era of British sports car production and is similar to the Jaguar range in many ways. Both companies built powerful, reliable and affordable cars for North America, their strongest and safest market, and the cars evolved model by model over the years. The Healeys offered open-air motoring without frills and today the cars are fondly enjoyed. The 100 series cars were successful and had either four or six cylinder motors, but it is the 3000 model that most people remember as the definitive Healey. The first 3000 designated car was introduced in the spring of 1959 and had a six cylinder 2,912cc motor that produced 124bhp with a top speed of 115mph. Two versions were available, either a two seater (BN7) or a 2+2 (BT7).

This professionally-restored BT7 has long been a West Coast car thus (despite being a very sound, dry and accident-free driver) was a fabulous candidate for restoration. The car was stripped to a rolling shell, then the exterior was treated to a bare metal repaint using a two-stage base coat with clear coat then applied. Panel fit is exemplary, all chrome has either been replaced or replated and to finish the effect all lights, badges and other details are also new. The interior has similarly been comprehensively renovated, retrimmed and rejuvenated even down to a new wiring harness and side screens.

Attention to detail was also a priority mechanically and despite the car having performed well prior to restoration, both the engine and transmission have been thoroughly inspected, re-sealed and detailed prior to reinstallation. The fuel system did however necessitate attention thus the carburetors were rebuilt and both the gas tank and fuel pump replaced. The brake system has been completely overhauled (to be appreciated only by the most particular enthusiast!) and the suspension has been completely stripped, checked, detailed and rebuilt to show standard. In addition, all hoses, belts and other rubber components throughout have been renewed as was the exhaust system and heat-shielding components. Finishing this tasteful mix are a fresh set of chrome wire wheels and knock-offs sitting on new tubes and tires making for a wonderful balance that should afford the new owner the chance to either show or drive this delightful and period-appropriate two-tone Healey with pride.

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