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Chassis No. 10691
Engine No. 10691
Blue Sera Metalicata with black leather interior
Engine: 60 degrees aluminum V12, dual overhead camshafts, six Weber 40 DCN9 dual throat downdraft carburettors, 3,286cc, 300bhp at 8,000rpm, 240 lb-ft at 6,000rpm; Gearbox: 5-speed transaxle; Suspension: Front and rear, independent by unequal control arms with coil springs and tubular shocks; Brakes: disc, 315mm front, 298mm rear. Left hand drive. Ferrari's 3.3 litre 275 GTBs shared a direct lineage from the great Ferrari sports-racers, not only mechanically with their fine Colombo-origin V12 engines, but also with Pininfarina's visual integration of elements of GTO, Tour de France and 375. They departed significantly from the past, however, with Ferrari's first fully independent road car suspension and rear-mounted transaxle. Lightweight, lithe and quick, the 275 GTB has become accepted as the ultimate expression of front-engined Ferrari grand touring.

Introduced in 1964 with a two cam engine, in 1966 the 275 GTB posted another milestone for Ferrari when the 275 GTB/4 became the first road Ferrari with dual overhead camshafts on each bank of the V12. Its racing heritage was underlined by the standard 6-Weber carb setup and the change to dry sump engine lubrication, the engine of a car designed to be driven long, hard and fast.

In addition to the 275 GTB, Ferrari also offered the 275 GTS Cabriolet. However, the GTS was not a spyder in the traditional Ferrari sense of a light and nimble open performance car. A comfortable and well appointed boulevardier, the GTS left a gap in the Ferrari 275 lineup that begged for a spyder, analogous to the niche which had been filled by the 250 GT California Spyder. Luigi Chinetti proposed exactly such a model to be built in a limited series by modifying 275 GTB/4 Berlinettas during their construction at Scaglietti. The factory approved the idea, on condition that it be solely Chinetti's project. The result was the famous 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder, named for Chinetti's North American Racing Team. Appropriately, the first car delivered, 09437, was hastily entered in the 1967 Sebring 12 Hours driven by Denise McCluggage and Pinky Rollo where it finished second in its class (17th overall), on the same lap as the class winner, a race-prepared Shelby GT 350.

In the NART's contemporary road test at Sebring, Road & Track was glowing in its comments, particularly praising the four cam engine, suspension, and the stiff and rattle-free body (even after over 1000 miles on the notoriously rough Sebring race track), calling it the most satisfying sports car in the world. And it was quick: 0-60 in 6.7 seconds; quarter mile in 14.7 seconds at 99 mph; top speed 155 mph. By comparison, Road & Track recently tested the high tech paddle shift F355F1. It was only 1.4 seconds faster in the quarter, and experience shows that much of the difference is in today's superior and wider tires.

Time and circumstances overtook Chinetti's plans, however, and only ten NART Spyders were built. The paucity of NART Spyders combined with their ample power, superb handling, driveability and a shape that integrated style, aggressiveness and the allure of wind-in-the-hair motoring make it one of the world's most coveted automobiles. The example on offer today is one of those ten rare NART Spyders. Chassis No. 10691 was originally delivered by Chinetti in Blue Sera Metalicata in early 1968 to Mr. Donald Rose in New York, who traded in his 330 GTC against the NART Spyder. The NART was owned until the mid 1980s by Mr. Rose, when it eventually migrated west (after a brief period as part of the Obrist Collection in Switzerland) into the hands of well-known enthusiast and proprietor of Beverly Hills Motoring Accesories, Andy Cohen. In a recent conversation, Mr. Cohen recalled the NART Spyder as being a very original and low mileage car.

Mr. John Moores then purchased the NART in 1992 from its lady owner and although it was in excellent overall condition, it was decided that a thorough restoration to bring the NART Spyder back to its original glory was necessary. It was restored in its original Blue Sera Metalicata under the supervision of Junior's House of Color. The leather interior is by recognized master, Tony Nancy. Following restoration, it appeared at the 1994 Ferrari Nationals at Monterey along with four other NART Spyders and was judged the best of the group, and won Best Car of the 1960s. The NART Spyder also won First Place at the Santa Barbara Concours and the Newport Beach Concours. The car runs and drives superbly, and is offered with its complete tools and manuals. It is fitted with the correct period radio and Borrani wire wheels, the only options offered on the NART Spyder.

This Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder is among the most important open Ferraris. It is rare. It has a modern chassis. It has great numbers: twelve cylinders, six Webers and four cams. It is quick. And it is sublimely aggressive and beautiful.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a coveted example of Maranello's finest. The purchaser will not only gain the personal satisfaction of owning one of the ten genuine NART Spyders, but can be assured that the purchase will benefit an excellent cause. Christie's is delighted to be offering this exceptional motor car on behalf of the Scripps Research Institute.




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