35mm. cameras
comprising a Konica II no. 35520 with a Hexanon f/2.8 50mm. lens no. 81682; a Bolsey Model C Twin Lens Reflex no. 153345 with a Wollensak f/3.2 44mm. lens; a Konica no. 60610 with a Hexar f/3.5 50mm. lens no. 49594; an Olympus Wide-E no. 124151, with a Zuiko-W F.C f/3.5 3.5cm. lens no. 190223; a Sky 35 model-II no. 80362, with a Vita Anastigmat f/3.5 45mm. lens no. 32423; a Canter Beauty no. 100131, with a Canter f/2.8 45mm. lens no. 109697; a Konica III camera no. 157712, with a Hexanon f/2 48mm. lens no. 3675084; a Condor I camera no. 008028, with an Eliog f/3.5 5cm. lens no. 015460; two Pontiac Lynx cameras; a Foca PF2B camera no. 31.565B, with a Oplar f/3.5 5cm. lens no. 028652; a Foca no. 085.312, with an Oplar f/3.5 3.5cm. lens no. 17992; a Konilette camera 1001, with a Konitor f/4.5 50mm. lens no. 1018311; a Konilette camera no. 1002, with a Konitor f/4.5 50mm. lens no. 226584, in maker's leather case; a Hapuzucc no. 6401860, with an f/2.8 35mm. lens no. 0789

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