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Jim Morrison
A black and white mugshot photograph from the Dade County, Florida, Public Safety Department, dated September 20, 1970 and featuring a profile and frontal view of a bearded Jim Morrison. Stamped Public Safety Department, Dade County, Florida and inscribed 129247 and Jim Morrison on the verso. 3½x5in.

September 20, 1970 was the day Jim Morrison was found guilty on misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure and profanity in connection with his infamous Miami concert appearance of March 1st, 1969. He was released on $50,000 bond, and returned to Miami a month later for sentencing. He was sentenced to six months of hard labor and a $500 fine for the indecent exposure charge, and sixty days hard labor for the profanity charge. Morrison filed an immediate appeal, and was again released. Pending the appeal, Jim Morrison moved to Paris, were he would die on July 3, 1971, his legal troubles being left unresolved.

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