LLOYD HOWLAND (fl.1815-1826)

'Some of the South Shetland Islands From actual observations by L. Howland Year 1819', drawings of five coastal profiles, annotated in autograph with bearings and distances, a few features marked 'Snow', in pen and ink and pencil on one leaf, 360 x 295mm (yellowed; some soiling and wear at margins, splitting to horizontal central fold, repaired);
with autograph manuscript 'Journal of a Voyage From Canton to Chili Kept on board of the Osprey by Loyd Howland, Master', 4 November 1821 - 30 September 1822, and of three voyages from New York to respectively Cork, Le Havre and Carthagena, 13 February 1824 - 4 June 1826, concluding with a retrospective narrative of an earlier sealing voyage into the Pacific, beginning 'Sept. 1815 Sailed from Boston in the Flying Fish on a sealing voyage', together 122 pages, small folio (295 x 205mm) (occasional very short marginal tears, without loss), slightly later 19th-century half leather (extremities rubbed), in a recent half morocco box; the South Shetland drawing together with a manuscript map of the China Sea in a uniformly bound portfolio.

COASTAL PROFILES OF THE SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS, APPARENTLY IN THE YEAR OF THEIR DISCOVERY; CONCEIVABLY THE FIRST DEPICTIONS OF ANY ANTARCTIC LAND. The South Shetland Islands were discovered by a whaler, Captain William Smith in the brig Williams, in 1819 (see Rosove page xix) and details were first published in the Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, Vol. 3, No. 6, in October 1820, together with a map. Howland's dating of his drawing to 1819 is evidently retrospective (given the use of the term 'South Shetland'), and his memory may err by a year: Robert Headland (Antarctic Chronology, 543) places him in Antarctic waters in 1820-22, dates which accord more closely with the accompanying journal's description of what would logically be the inward portion of the same voyage from November 1821 (completing the information in both Lund and Starbuck (246-47) which note only the outbound trip from New Bedford to the Pacific). Starbuck, History of the American Whale Fishery, 1989; Lund Whaling Masters and Whaling Voyages Sailing from American Ports, 2001; Headland 543. (2)

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