PROVENANCE: This really rare bottle was bought by the current owner during a Christie's charity sale in May 2007 in Geneva and never moved from Christie's warehouse until then. When we went to the domaine to pick-up the bottle, Aubert de Vilaine agreed exceptionally for this charity sale to give us his souvenir of this great wine.

Mythical...this bottle will remain mythical for many decades...for its vintage, which marked the end of a terrible war...for its contents, the last of the great wine from the prephyloxera (ungrafted) vines which covered the 1,85 ha of Romanee-Conti and were subsequently pulled-up in their entirety and followed by the next vintage in 1952...for its quantity, with approximately 600 bottles produced, each remains a coveted rarity...and for its perfect provenance and condition

Aubert de Villaine (owner of the Domaine) confided in us at the domaine: "My memory of the last and perhaps only bottle of Romane-Conti 1945 tasted 10 years ago is that of one of the greatest wines ever. It perfectly expresses all that makes Romanée-Conti unique among the vines of the domaine: strength yet also grace and tranquility, self-assurance and a mysterious harmony which both intrigues and inspires dreams..."

Romanée-Conti--Vintage 1945
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti
New capsule from the Domaine. Bin-soiled label. Excellent colour and level
1 bottle per lot

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