Set with a rectangular-cut fancy intense blue diamond, weighing 6.60 carats, flanked by two trapezoidal diamonds, weighing 0.91 and 0.90 carat, mounted in gold, size 6¾
Accompanied by report no. 5121361212 dated 22 July 2010 from the GIA Gemological Institute of America stating that the 6.60 carat diamond is Fancy Intense Blue colour, Internally Flawless clarity

And report no. 1132172136 dated 10 March 2011 from the GIA Gemological Institute of America stating that the 0.90 carat diamond is D colour, VVS 2 clarity

And report no. 1132172134 dated 10 March 2011 from the GIA Gemological Institute of America stating that the 0.91 carat diamond is D colour, VVS2 clarity

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Blue diamonds have long been considered among the rarest gems. In recent years, prices of blue diamonds have dramatically increased, setting new auction records every year. On 20 October 2010, in New York, Christie's established a new world record price for a blue diamond when a 10.95 carat triangular-cut Fancy Vivid Blue diamond sold for $15,762,500 or $1,439,497 per carat.

Most blue diamonds belong to the semi conductive Type IIb category, a group where the distribution of the boron atoms in the structure of the diamond crystal, is responsible of their blue colour. Situated along the Krishna River valley near Golconda in India, the Kollur mine is reputed to have produced the first blue diamonds ever discovered. In the mid-17th Century, French traveller and gem merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier frequently visited this region and witnessed the mining of some of the most important historical blue diamonds such as the Tavernier Blue, the Hope and the Idol's Eye.

Discovered in 1903, the Premier mine (now renamed the Cullinan) in South Africa, known to have produced the largest diamond ever found, the 3,106 carat Cullinan, is considered today as the most significant source of blue diamonds. Other countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Borneo, Brazil and Venezuela have also produced blue diamonds but in less quality and quantity. Less than 0.1 of all diamonds yielded worldwide show a blue appearance. Most of them weigh less than 1 carat, are included and they often show a secondary less attractive grey hue (e.g., greyish-blue).

It is therefore exceptionally rare to find a 6.60 carat Fancy Intense Blue diamond of Internally Flawless clarity and a privilege to offer for sale such a gem of excellence.

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