Constantin Brancusi (1867-1957)
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康斯坦丁.布朗庫西 (1867-1957)


康斯坦丁.布朗庫西 (1867-1957)
簽名:Brancusi (頸部後方)
銅雕 銅銹 金箔
長 10 1/2 吋 (26.7 公分)
巴黎雅克.歐曼 (1958年2月前)
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In addition to those lots marked in the catalogue with the relevant symbols, please note that lot 32A has a guarantee fully or partially financed by a third-party who will be bidding on the lot and may receive a financing fee from Christie’s and note that the estimates for Lot 32 should be $25,000,000 -35,000,000.

Please note that this work is stamped with foundry mark 'C. VALSUANI CIRE PERDUE' (on the side of the neck).

Please note that the following is the amended provenance for this sculpture:
(probably) Alexandre Stoppelaere and Léonie Ricou, Paris.
(probably) Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, Paris (acquired from the above, 22 March 1929 and until 1956).
Jacques Ulmann, Paris (by February 1958).
By descent from the above to the present owner.


Jessica Fertig
Jessica Fertig


附由Friedrich Teja Bach博士於1999年2月21日開具的證書,而本作品亦將被收錄於其編纂的作品全集 (編號99)

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